Ever wonder how to find a paypig? First you need to understand the mindset of these men that fall under this category. In short these men, aka paypigs, are looking to give you money for some form of humiliation, degradation, or straight up bowing down to whatever the woman wants. Some can argue that a paypig relationship doesn’t fall under a sugar baby relationship. While the glam is gone, this is still an arrangement where money is involved. As a result, this is 100% considered a sugar baby relationship in my book.

How to Find a PayPig

You know, finding a paypig use to be a ton of work. Now with the growth of social media, you can create a killer Instagram account and attract men in your bio looking for this sort of financial domination. Thing is, you will need to weed out a ton of poor wannabes. You know the types, the ones that have the desire but no money to actually follow through.

The alternative way, is to simply create a profile on a sugar baby site like Arrangement Finders. By doing so, you’re weeding out most of them that have no money. You can focus on the ones that have the financial means. Now, it’s a matter of forming a mutually beneficial arrangement where you both get what you’re looking for.

Focus on a Small Amount of Paypigs

Whatever you do, don’t try to have too many paypigs. By doing so, you will stretch yourself thing and not be able to provide the proper engagement. If he’s not satisfied in giving you money, he will find it somewhere else. Simple match actually!

What is the Fetish of Your Paypig

This is a very important one. Each paypig has a fetish. It’s your job to figure out what that is, and provide it for a substantial dollar amount. At the end of the day, this sort of arrangement is a power exchange. Normally, it’s money for some sort of intimacy. In this case, you’re receiving money (power) and providing him the power to NOT have any. Double the fun!

Paypigs need to Pay for Your Attention

One of my favorites. Regardless of the time of day, many paypigs want your attention. Set the expectation upfront that if he wants your attention, it will cost him money. Make him make a donation for the please of your attention.



The University of North Carolina is well known for sugar baby activities in Raleigh and provides the majority of the Raleigh sugar babies. Their source for getting sugar daddies is through the online dating sites where they search for wealthy men in need of companionship and love. The college student sugar babies view their activities as an agreement between two individuals and which is quite in order. They see sugar daddies as sponsors who are able to see them through college.

Raleigh Sugar Babies

Raleigh sugar babies prefer a romantic type of relationship that is warm and loving. You can spoil your sugar bay at the Angus Barn for a romantic evening or even visit the prestigious Bida Manda Laotian Bar and Restaurant for a perfect night out. Many sugar babies will be seen in social places in the company of wealthy men, both young and old. Some even go to the extent of showing off their latest catch to their friends. Most of them are party lovers who love to dine and wine in expensive restaurants and big hotels.

They love being showered with expensive gifts, clothes and jewelry by their wealthy male companions and are usually seen moving in big cars. They are glamorous girls and are very well versed with the current trends in social circles. Most of them can be termed as classy due to the kind of life that they lead.  Unlike majority of sugar babies in other areas, the Raleigh sugar babies are really into this type of relationship as a career and way of life and not just as a way of sustenance.

Sugar Babies in Raleigh

Unlike the college sugar babies, you will not be faced with a dull and unexciting relationship but one that promises a truly romantic companionship with fewer demands. Issues of money are never brought to the fore and this gives them the chance to enjoy their company without money getting into the way. Money issues are settled amicably by prior agreements.

Sugar babies in Raleigh are ready to get along as long as long as the relationship is pleasant and romantic. The boyfriend-girlfriend type of relationship with all the trappings of romance, comfort and social life is preferable to the sugar babies in Raleigh. Most operate as girlfriends and mistresses and love being introduced as such.

North Carolina Raleigh

Tulane University in New Orleans is fast turning into a sugar baby hub due to the large number of female students who are now subscribing to different dating websites in search of wealthy male companions to pamper them and meet their college expenses. According to surveys from reputable sources, the female student in Tulane University is either a sugar baby or one who is contemplating joining the rank and file of the already existing large number of New Orleans sugar babies.

New Orleans Sugar Babies

It is not surprising to find a freshman in Tulane University on the pages of various dating sites looking for someone who is wealthy enough to pamper and also to meet her expenses at Tulane where the first year tuition fee alone amounts to a staggering $45,000. This is a very high amount to a student contemplating to finish her first year in college with no form of support. This is all the more reason why many students find themselves searching for sponsors and financial support from wealthy men with the means to meet the cost, and who are searching for companionship and love in exchange. About three quarters of the students receive financial aid but the rest have to fend for themselves. This has thus resulted into the emergence of a new crop of New Orleans sugar babies.

Sugar Babies in New Orleans

Apart from the Tulane students, sugar babies in New Orleans seek out wealthy male individuals who are mature enough to provide for them. They need male companions who can afford them the princess treatment by giving them gifts with love and total respect. They want individuals who can relieve them of their financial worries and also help them in their careers with guidance and mentorship.

The sugar babies in New Orleans would want a male companion who will help them make important decisions pertaining to their education and tuition costs. For the single mothers, their main concern is housing. They would search for individuals who can meet their housing needs in terms of payment of bills and other expenses. This is done through an arrangement or agreement between the two parties before they decide to enter into such a relationship. Most wealthy men are more than ready to meet these obligations and are less concerned about the costs as long as they find love and companionship.

When you have a party city like New Orleans, you have similar feel to the sugar babies in New York City and to the Los Angeles sugar babies. At the end of the day, it comes down to you having access to these women in quantity. By increasing your odds on sugar daddy sites like Arrangementfinders.com, you can score that sugar baby in no time!

New Orleans

Like Most parts in America, Louisville has its fair share of sugar babies. Apart from the usual sugar baby population of local girls, single mothers and aspiring career ladies, we also have the college type of sugar babies.  Quite a large number of college students from Indiana and Kentucky universities are sugar babies. Online dating sites are the main sources of such arrangements and it is said that the number of sugar babies in Louisville exceeds the number of sugar daddies by far. I can tell you hands down there are way more sugar babies in Louisville than sugar daddies. As a result, supply and demand truly tips in your favor here. It is estimated that out of 10 sugar babies in Louisville, there is only one interested sugar daddy.

Louisville Sugar Babies

Looking at the statistics, it is only fair to say that searching for the right sugar daddies or wealthy men in Louisville is very hard and therefore the Louisville sugar babies have to work extremely hard to find a suitable companion. Many have devised methods of attracting male companions in their profiles on different online dating sites. Some try this by perfecting their Louisville accent and also by showing how caring and romantic they are in order to attract the attention of prospective men. They post the cutest pictures in these sites in the hope of appealing to the taste of the men they are seeking.

Sugar Babies in Louisville

Some may call it sex for tuition but to majority of sugar babies in Louisville, especially those from the university, consider it as a perfect agreement between two consenting parties. Most of the students believe that the men are in this type of arrangement because they only want sex in return for their money. This is because the decreasing demand for sugar babies in Louisville has forced the ladies to accept the hard fact that without a sexual relationship their chances of finding the right partner are next to nil.

It is also in Louisville that you find male foreigners who also want to have a share of the pie. In some instances, there have been cases where rich male foreigners were willing to pay as much as 20,000 dollars per month in form of allowances for sugar babies willing to be  travel companions. For the Louisville sugar babies, it all boils down to financial assistance and the need to find a perfect companion. Louisville is a place where the sugar babies find it extremely hard to find the right partner due to their large number and with only a few men who are willing to enter into any agreement.


Interesting thing about Oakland. For a city that isn’t so rich, the sugar babies in Oakland aren’t expecting much in terms of rich men. They really are just looking for guys to help out with their small bills. When I say small bills, I’m really comparing them to San Francisco sugar babies and sugar babies in Fresno. Oakland is a lively city with a large number of sugar babies on offer. They come from all spheres of life which include university students, actress, models, local girls and even single mothers.  They are looking for male companions who are ready to take care of them and meet their everyday needs. Some of them are pleasure seekers while the majorities are in this business just for the money. They exchange companionship and love for dollars and a good life. Many sugar daddies are spoilt for choice when it comes to dating Oakland sugar babies.

Oakland sugar Babies

The college type Oakland sugar babies, especially from Oakland university and the University of California San Francisco, are looking for men with means who can be able to meet the cost of their college education. Most of these undergraduates are up to the neck in terms of debts and are seeking for ways and means of getting out of the situation. Many of them have benefitted tremendously by playing host to a multiple number of wealthy men just to get the required financial support that they are desperately seeking. This has become a trend in college life and it is not uncommon to find groups of female college students in the company of sugar daddies.

On the other hand, there is the other type of Oakland sugar babies who include local girls who are much more experienced in this type of business. You can hang out with your sugar baby at the recently renovated Water Front Hotel or Visit the Oakland Museum just to have a feel of the city. Also, by visiting a dating site portal, you will find their profiles and images, some of which are quite suggestive. Some of the girls are career girls who are involved in this type of business to look for jobs or contract connections. Some students will also do this to find the right people for job placements of university or college admissions.

Sugar Babies in Oakland

The growing number of sugar babies in Oakland is as a result of the rising demand for their services by rich men who are lonely and desire to lively up their lives by contracting the services of young beautiful girls who would make their lives more enjoyable. There are also the single mothers who are also in this business either to look for a lifelong partner or to find someone who is able to support them. For any man with money searching for variety, Oakland sugar babies can provide the solution. The young sugar babies also find mentorship at the hands of older men who, not only support them financially, but also provide a father figure mentality.

The ratio of sugar babies in Oakland is actually quite high for California. I believe this to be the case given the depressed nature of the city. If you take a look at sugar baby site Arrangement Finders, you’ll see a rather large influx of women in these areas.

California Oakland

Sacramento is populated by fun loving sugar babies who love wining and dining. The wine testing event in California is testimony enough to this fact. The Sacramento sugar babies are of different origins and it is not surprising to find many young girls mingling with the wealthy men that flock these parts of the country. Most of these men frequent Sacramento because of its diversity in terms of variety and taste. When you think of California, you tend to think of San Diego sugar babies or even sugar babies in San Francisco. Thing is, these girls in Sacramento are definitely worth looking at,  in more than one way!

Sacramento Sugar Babies

Men who are seeking relatively younger Sacramento sugar babies need not look any further because this place is teeming with young, beautiful single ladies ready for companionship. Places such as the Melting Pot of Sacramento can be very useful to set ablaze a romantic relationship. You can also jump into the Delta King place at the riverside for a series of never-ending entertainment. The young gorgeous and beautiful Sacramento sugar babies are usually fond of wealthy, old men with money. You can even find school-going sugar babies in Sacramento who are as young as 16 years old. They exceed, by far, the number of older single ladies whose number is reducing steadily.

The sugar baby business is widespread in Sacramento creating a situation similar to that of a red light district. If you are looking for younger Sacramento sugar babies you should be ready for a high voltage relationship with lots of fun activities

Sugar Babies in Sacramento

Online dating sites are only one way of looking for partners. Sugar babies in Sacramento can also be found in social places like bars, restaurants and hotels. The online dating sites do this by matching and pairing wealthy men in need of companionship with pretty and lovely girls in search of a good life. Online dating is therefore a good starting point as a source for sugar baby activity in Sacramento.

Majority of these dating sites do it in the form of elite dating that involves relationships between elitist couples. The trend is spreading fast into schools and educational institutions, and just like in other parts, students will seek out men using their campus accounts. They see the wealthy men who are their benefactors as mentors and sponsors who are willing to assist them complete school. Sugar babies in Sacramento do not take up menial jobs like many students will do to keep up with their expenses. They would rather entertain wealthy old men for a monthly allowance of about 3,000 dollars which is sufficient enough to cater for their out of pocket expenses. It is a life of money and fun for the sugar babies in Sacramento who live a carefree life.

California Sacramento

Nashville Sugar babies are not looking for serious relations but for casual relationships with no strings attached. Most men understand this too and are seeking to have a companion that they can spend time together and have a great time with. It is difficult to find a sugar baby in Nashville . Most Nashville sugar babies are single ladies who are seeking men to offer them a good life and use the dating sites to engage with the men.

Nashville Sugar Babies

Nashville sugar babies are not very much into the old men but middle aged men with money who can be able to afford them the kind of lifestyle that they require. They  desire a glamorous life which they know can be attained by linking themselves up with a sugar daddy with money to afford such kind of a life style. Most of them work other jobs with some even having their own careers. Nashville sugar babies are also single mothers who are looking for a long term partner. They are lonely ladies who seek to return the glow of love back into their lives again and are interested in a manner who can take care of them and their children.

The Nashville sugar babies are beautiful single ladies who need to supplement on their meager income and need a sugar daddy who can be able to offer support them. This type of sugar babies are those that usually engage several or multiple sugar daddies as a source of revenue. Most of them will find their men from dating sites and some even look for sugar daddies in hotels and other social places.

Sugar Babies in Nashville

Sugar babies in Nashville are not as many as those in other towns and they don’t have a big impact here in Nashville. Many of these engagements are done discreetly through the dating sites which have become popular to many sugar babies in Nashville. A very small number of college students can be regarded as sugar babies in Nashville and can be as young as twenty years. Just like any other student n any major town the Nashville college student will look for sugar daddies because of the school tuition issue. Lack of financial resources drives most of them to look for sugar daddies for survival.

At the end of the day, it’s a game of numbers. In order to truly increase your chances, you’ll need to use sugar baby sites like Arrangement Finders to get a leg up on the game.


Why is the number of sugar daddies in Minneapolis increasing? Is it because there is huge market out there in Minneapolis for them? This statistic actually means that the demand for Minneapolis sugar babies is high. When demand is high then the price also shoots up. The reason for this is because the stigma that once surrounded online dating sites is now disappearing. This has consequently driven young single ladies to the web in search of those men who are rich enough to maintain them and their lifestyles. They are now freer to look for sugar daddy boyfriend without any fear of stigmatization. 

Minneapolis Sugar Babies

More Minneapolis sugar babies are getting into the dating sites in search of wealthy men to date.  You will also find sugar daddies all over the dating sites looking for young single ladies for companionship and love. A lot has been said about the Minneapolis sugar babies being too aggressive and trying to outdo each other in finding a more suitable man to for a mutually beneficial relationship which can guarantee them a constant flow of income and other benefits that usually accrue from such a relationship. It is said that on average, Minneapolis sugar babies get an allowance of over 4,000 dollars not to mention the various treats and shopping expenses they incur and which is  payable by the sugar daddy.

Sugar Babies in Minneapolis

The sugar babies in Minneapolis have discovered that rich men are able to turn their lives around and therefore there has been so much activity surrounding the dating sites and this has also attracted quite a large number of rich men into Minneapolis in search of love and companionship. A large number of them can actually be equated to gold diggers since that is what they do. Their only concern is the money and do not care about the man as long as he brings money with him. The rich men are also aware of this fact and they have gotten used to it since they only want to have a good time with the young ladies who would otherwise not have accepted their company were it not for their money.

With all the demand for these types of women, it’s no surprise that sugar daddy sites like Arrangement Finders have experienced growth. By having access to a niche community, your chances of success are increased dramatically.


Kansas City sugar babies are a little different. Many of the younger ladies are mostly college students in search of rich old men. They know how beneficial the much older men are in supporting their education and the privileges they are able to accord them for some little love and companionship. The Kansas City sugar babies are therefore young college girls who are anxious to start their careers in different fields but are only engaging with much older men as a means of supporting themselves and their lifestyles.

Kansas City Sugar Babies

Kansas City sugar babies are of the college student type and they do their activities mostly on online dating sites which is more discreet. This method of communication, between the sugar daddy and the Kansas City sugar babies, is the preferred mode for both of them as they feel freer and secure here than in any physical encounter. The younger Kansas City sugar babies have many reasons for engaging with much older sugar daddy boyfriends. The main reason to seek for financial support and prefer the old men that are wealthy is because they are less demanding and more generous.

Sugar Babies in Kansas City

Sugar babies in Kansas City are therefore taking advantage of the dating sites to acquire or contact possible benefactors who can act as their sponsors or even mentors. The young ladies know that the old and wealthy men usually prefer them over the much older single ladies. They know that they have a higher chance of hooking up with the rich old men than the others. The younger sugar babies in Kansas City are not in this relationship for any long term benefit but only temporarily on a no strings attached basis and would terminate the relationship once they have fulfilled their needs.

Hoover, some sugar babies might prefer to have longer relationships with their old sugar daddy boyfriend in the whole course of their studies so that he can be able to meet the entire cost of her college education. Some have managed to see themselves through college without any debts because their sugar daddy boyfriends met all the costs. The sugar daddies spoil the young ladies by buying them gifts, taking them shopping, giving them allowances and affording them various treats that makes the ladies happy.

With such a wide range, finding quality girls in KC can be tough. The way to get around this is to join sugar daddy sites like Arrangement Finders. By doing so, you dramatically increase your chances of finding a successful arrangemenet.

Kansas City

Fresno, California has many beautiful women who have several characteristics including being charming, cultured, refined and beautiful. These ladies are usually referred to  as hard players and hard worker at the same time. They are also known to be loving and supportive. This is the main reason why so many rich male troop to Fresno in search of Fresno sugar babies who are multi-talented in different aspects of life. Fresno sugar babies come from all walks of life.  Many are self-employed, while some are models, actresses or even students. All these ladies are looking for men in an arranged relationship based on an agreement between both parties.

Fresno Sugar Babies

Fresno sugar babies are ready to have a relationship with rich men which might either be long term or the no strings attached types of relationship. Most of the single ladies use the online dating sites to search for eligible men who are supposed to offer companionship and support to the ladies by spoiling them. Most Fresno sugar babies are single ladies who are looking for men who can be able to support them financially. Some of them are looking for long time relationships or even lifelong partners. Girls of Fresno are quite different than say San Diego sugar babies or Los Angeles sugar babies for that matter.

Sugar babies in Fresno

Sugar babies in Fresno California are a mixed breed of girls with different motivations. We have single ladies who are ready to enter into a relationship with a rich man a lifelong partner and we have others who require an elitist rich man to spoil her and support her in every aspect of her social life, there ar also the students who are into this type of relationship just because of a monthly allowance hat will enable her meet her education cost.

This mixed breed of sugar babies in Fresno offer a variety of options to the various sugar daddies that also have different reasons why they are searching for  sugar babies in Fresno. Although sugar baby activity is not as robust as in Minneapolis the single ladies here are nonetheless at par with the rest of sugar babies anywhere else in the country. They are individuals with taste, who dress nicely, look good and some have even enlist in local gym to work out on their bodies’ and have to look young and pretty.

California Fresno