Year: 2015

Hidden Florida Gems – Tampa Sugar Babies

Tampa Sugar Babies

It’s no surprise that Florida is known for sugar baby relationships. Afterall, all rich men move to Florida for the tax savings and legal benefits. With money, comes the need for sugar relationships. On the onset, one would think that sugar babies gravitate towards Miami. While there are a ton […]

LA Sugar Babies Verses NYC Sugar Babies

Los Angeles Sugar Babies

Keeping up with my theme, I’m comparing Los Angeles sugar babies on the west coast verses their east coast counterpart with New York City sugar babies. You bet your sugary bum there’s a difference. All sugar babies are looking for a monetary gain. That’s the same on both coasts. After […]

Married Sugar Babies on a Growth Tear

When one thinks of a sugar baby, the last thing that comes to mind is a married woman. You hear everything in the news about college girls looking for sugar babies, but there’s a huge underlying trend growing in the sugar world: married women. If you look through evolution, men […]