Comedy Clubs Love Sugar Baby Relationships

Comedy clubs love sugar baby relationships

The hardest part with a sugar baby relationships is where to go on a 2nd meet. That’s right, the 2nd meet. I say this cause a first meet is pretty typical. Public place, some sort of drinks involved (not necessarily alcoholic), then the night leads where it will. Side note, I’ve found meeting a POT in the early afternoon is best as you are seeing more of his true self than the night time “need to impress” persona.

I’ve come to realize that 2nd meeting should involve a comedy club. I don’t mean a comedy club where you sit in the back. You need to sit right in front of the comics. Chances are, the comic’s attention will shift to you at some point (as the attractive sugar baby). The comic will make some crack (or several actually depending on the banter) at you and him. You will really get to see the POT personality in this exchange.

The key to the entire exchange is to sit right up front, and to go to a smaller comedy club. ¬†Laughter with the intimate setting can set for an amazing night. Some guys can’t handle it, or will find some excuse to leave or duck out. Others, thrive in these situations.

I’ve found the key to a successful sugar baby relationship to involve multiple areas. Success & confidence is great, don’t get me wrong. But what’s the point of it all if you can’t laugh at yourself every once and a while!

Comedy Clubs Love Sugar Baby Relationships
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Comedy Clubs Love Sugar Baby Relationships
A 1st meet is easy, it's the 2nd meet that makes or breaks a sugar baby relationship. That's where a comedy club comes it. It's a trick that you should have seen coming, with results that will blow your mind.
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