Date a TS Sugar Baby – Is That a Thing?

TS Sugar Babies

I recently wrote an article about transgender sugar babies and thought I should dive a little deeper into the topic. For those repeat readers of my blog, you know my distaste for the media and how the cover the sugar world as a whole. Since those dimwits can’t get the sugar bowl right, they definitely will never get why people date a TS or the up in coming world of a TS sugar baby. Yes, TS sugar babies are a thing. Not only is it a “thing”, its growing in multiple ways.

This all goes back to simple economics 101. From the supply side, you have more TS out there than ever. Not only is there more supply than ever, some of the these TS are stunning. From the demand side, you come from an area where at first, the thought of dating a TS was a no-no. Now, you can sense the shift of demand. While you don’t see many public relationships of men dating a TS, you are seeing more and more arrangements with TS sugar babies. While this might be a little backwards, you are seeing a TS sugar baby enter into arrangements with sugar daddies. Not so long ago, this was really not a thing. Think about crossdressers as an example. Crossdressers were looked down upon not so long ago. Now, it’s a form of expression that is growing at a rapid rate.

As 2020 starts its Fall season, the growth of the TS space is pretty significant. Thing is, it’s such a small space, that it never gets covered properly. Have you ever spoken to an attractive TS? If you haven’t, you’ll find out that these women are no issue at all at finding a sugar daddy. The intrigue from the male side is there. Thing is, these transgenders have smarten up. These women aren’t going to waste their time with broke guys when they have rich successful ones willing to ofter a ton to have an arrangement with a TS

Date a TS Sugar Baby - Is That a Thing?
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Date a TS Sugar Baby - Is That a Thing?
Yes, TS sugar babies are a thing. Not only is it a "thing", it's growing in multiple ways. It's simply economics and these women are scoring big time.
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