Do Sugar Babies Escort Or Do Escorts Sugar?

Do sugar babies escort or do escorts sugar?

If you ever listed to the mass media, you would think that a sugar baby and an escort are the same thing. When you strip out the sensationalism, and actually have some knowledge of the space, you’ll know that an escort and a sugar baby are two very different people. An escort, is essentially looking to provide a service where she gets paid by the hour. A sugar baby, is one that is looking for a mutually beneficial arrangement, one in which spans over longer time frame. Thing is, have you ever wondered if escorts dabble in the sugar bowl? Or if sugar babies decide to take on the escort world. Here’s what I know.

Do Sugar Babies Escort Or Do Escorts Sugar?

Escorts Point of View

For the sake of simplicity, I will group escorts into two groups – new and experienced. I could break this down further with agency and independents, but I’ll save that for another time.

Newbie Escorts – If you’re new to the escort world, chances are you are looking to get paid for your time, one way or another. Some women prefer the world of escorts as it allows them to receive a specific dollar amount for a fixed time frame. On the flip side, you have some newbie escorts that love the thrill of doing something “naughty”. Most of these women never stay as escorts for long as you learn real quickly, it’s not for those with a weak stomach. Many newbies prefer the sugar bowl as it allows them to be in more control.

Experienced Escorts – If you’re an older escort, chances are you’ll never be a sugar baby. You have a list of clients, a set of expectations for services and rate, that you’ll never actually go into the various unknowns and hustles in the sugar world.

Sugar Babies POV

Newbie Sugar Babies – There is something extremely exotic for those seeking to be an sugar baby for the first time. Being in control and ultimately getting paid to date has some tremendous advantages. Typically, those sugar babies new to the sugar bowl look down on escorts. A sugar baby, in a newbies’ eyes, would never go down the escort route and degrade herself. As a new sugar baby has one component that is lost by many, self worth. A new sugar baby realizes her beauty, wit, and time is worth a certain value – way higher than what an escort gets paid. What I find is that the longer you’re in the sugar bowl, sugar babies tend to lose this edge of self worth. Truthfully, I think it’s greed or a sense of needing funds. With that, comes a degrading in your value. This, is something that a new sugar baby doesn’t have tainted eyes for. Personally, I wished all sugar babies would never lose that value of self worth. Yet, life happens and things simply change

Experienced Sugar Babies – Those of you that have been sugar babies for a while, truly can articulate the ups and downs of the sugar bowl. ┬áMany sugar babies have seen first hand how the amount of salt in the space is ruining what use to be an amazing thing. To weed out the salt, a sugar baby needs to spend more time screen there potential sugar daddy before moving forward with an arrangement. From an experienced sugar baby’s perspective, you are A) doing more worth than you used to do & B) Getting paid less than before. As a result, you’ll start seeing some sugar babies dabble in both the escort and sugar world. These women I find, are really addicted to the hustle and money component. If you fall under this category, you can make amazing money by dipping your feet in both ponds. Be warned though for those of you thinking about doing this, it is not easy! I recommend you speak to a fellow sugar sister that does both and truly pick her brain.

Do Sugar Babies Escort Or Do Escorts Sugar?
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Do Sugar Babies Escort Or Do Escorts Sugar?
Sugar babies and escorts are not the same thing. Yet, do these women dabble in each others space? Yes and no, but here is what I know.
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