Don’t Be Fooled – Sugar Babies Love Cars

Sugar Babies & Cars

Why is it when you think of sport cars, it has to be a man? Why is it when you think of a luxury car, a man is driving. What, you don’t think an attractive sugar baby can be behind a muscle car? You don’t think that an intelligent sexy sugar baby can’t come out of a luxury SUV? The misconception is mind boggling, but I’ll play along 🙂

A sugar daddy , a good one, will pay for their sugar baby’s car payment. There’s nothing wrong with driving a Honda, but I consider myself worth way more than a Honda! The type of car that my sugar daddy gets me speaks to what he truly values me as. I hear all different stories in the Sugar Bowl about the different types of vehicles these girls get. Thing is, they rarely see the sugar daddy. Don’t get me wrong, nothing bad about those types of arrangements. But lets call a spade a spade, you’re no sugar baby, you’re in the dark side!

One area I came across is a lease take over site. Basically someone has a car lease and is trying to sell it. Instead of paying an arm & a leg for a 3 year lease through a dealer, you can get like a 15 months lease on a beamer & get money back from the seller. That’s some cool shyt right there.

Once you put that part aside, it’s time to enjoy your ride. Regardless of the vehicle you get or the car you drive, it is an extension of yourself. I hate hearing the stories on how the uber wealthy drive simple cars. BS. They don’t talk about private jets, hundreds of maids, private chefs, private islands that they have. They have simple cars cause they have no need to actually drive a car to get where they are going hello!