Findom: A Reality or an Erotic Dream?

Financial Domination or Sugar Daddies

With terms like financial domination and pay pigs, in what capacity can sugar daddy dating truly be defined and what is the reality of financial domination? Up until recently, sugar daddy dating and financial domination where two very different area. Thing is, if you look deeper, it’s all under the umbrella of getting paid to date. Now, I know what you’re thinking, there’s no dating in financial domination. True. Also true, there’s no actual dating in a sugar daddy / sugar baby relationship. Just because it looks like a duck , doesn’t mean it is one. Really, the true sense here is getting paid by men.

It doesn’t matter what relationship we talk about, communication is the gist of the strength of a relationship. Notwithstanding the kind of date you’re on or the individual you meet, communication and mutual correspondence, at last, is the factor that murders the life span of a relationship. In the sugar daddy dating world, both the sugar baby and the sugar daddy are somewhat in advance with what they’re searching for. These kinds of courses of action can make many shake their head; however, would you be able to accuse two individuals that are improving occupation at conveying than individuals in general connections or dates?

A general increase of the trend of financial domination has been observed in the last decade or so. The terms findom wasn’t even known to the general public since the beginning of this century and everyone today is found talking about financial domination of a domme over the pay pig. Even two or three years back, there was no or little trend of financial domination that existed in its real sense. However, presently, financial domination is practiced all across the world and people agree on the fact of engaging themselves in these kinds of relationships. With circumstance comes development and that is precisely what numerous business visionaries are hoping to profit by. Not exclusively is sugar daddy dating winding up increasingly acknowledged, you see an ever increasing number of ladies transparently talking about the different men they have been meeting during their relationship.

Financial domination is all about money. Directly or indirectly, we are all slaves of money and money attracts us. There is no doubt in the fact that money is the most powerful factor in this world and whether you agree or not, we all crave for money. The term I used above; money slave can also be referred as pay pigs.

There is one thing clear about the financial relationship as most people involved in these kinds of relationships agree on; there is no such thing as sex and adultery involved in financial domination. According to a research, most percentages of people that are engaged in findom are married and hence there is no chance of sex, expectations, adultery and little public interaction. Money slaves are often part of a very interesting and amazing realm and most of them lead a dynamic life.

Sugar relationships are specific in their own ways. The couple will look after each other, eat on their favorite places, the sugar daddy accompanies his sugar baby to shop and will do almost everything she would expect him to do but there would be no such thing as a proper relationship between them, why is this enticing? Does it sound incorrect to depend on someone for your financial needs? How does pay pig proceed with the relationship and how does the dominance of domme affect the relationship?

There are so many confusing questions about the understanding of the concept of findom and sugar relationship, but yet these relations are interesting and harmless for most people. There is no denying the fact that the nature, behavior, and personality of the domme directly pays an impact on the findom relation.

One important thing to keep in mind regarding financial domination and sugar relationship is that the two terms are different when we look at the broader meaning of the terms. Sugar daddies and financial slaves are different from each other to a great extent. A sugar daddy might be a boyfriend of a loving, caring and affectionate girlfriend. Sugar relationship is usually physical, and the two people involved in such a relationship expect from each other. On the other hand, a financial domination relationship is purely based on money and no other factor affects the relationships. The pay pigs are in direct control of their domme.

5, 6 years ago, women felt ashamed about telling their relationship with their sugar daddies. Compared to that in the present day world, there are many ladies who are getting tons of benefits and lots of cash from their pay pigs and the concept of financial domination is not just limited to paying for the date, it has increased beyond the old concepts. Today, financial domination means complete domination over, your partner and deciding many a things that can be proved vital to the relationship. Financial domination is all about power, lust and money. Getting involved in a financial relation in today’s world is risky for most people, but nonetheless, beneficial.

Most guys involved in findom belong to the upper middle and upper class. There is a little number of people involved in financial domination relation from lower middle class because of the risks and expectations of the relationship. As a money slave, men usually know what are they getting into and what can it cost them. This is one of the main reasons why the concept of financial domination is increasing worldwide and why women are getting humongous benefits from it under the slogan of “feminism” and equal rights for women. It can’t be said however that women are wrong in some cases and they are robbing their sugar pay pigs. In many cases, the guys consider it their obligation to spend wth their partners whether or not they demand it. Many married guys get involved in the relationship and spend humongous cash on their domme.

Did you know that a majority of the pay pigs / submissives are married? So if you’re looking for a married man to be your money slave, where do you go? One spot that’s been hopping with activity is the affair site Ashley Madison. This cheating website became notorious from a a hack 2 years ago. Fast forward to the present, and you’re seeing this growth of findom relationships.

50 Shades
50 Shades

The concept of financial domination has progressed a lot in the recent years and there are a number of different novels, Hollywood movies and TV series based on this concept. One of the earliest advocates of findom is the famous book series of “50 shades” and one of the most famous movies on the topic, “financial domination 101”. The movies and TV serials have not touched the entire concept as findom has progressed to an unbelievable state from where it started just a decade ago. Today, the concept has broadened up to the dimensions where it can be included as a course in literature.

What is important however is to understand the gist of financial domination and the difference between findom and sugar relationship? Talking about the financial relationships, the sub wants you to control all her finances and would depend on you for any matter related to finance. As a domme, you have complete control of your sub’s mind. This is the most crucial point in findom relations, this is where it gets dangerous and thus it becomes important to either work out the situation or find a way to equalize things between the two characters of the script. Because of this, many girls get benefitted from getting involved in a findom relation rather than usual sugar relation. As a domme, you can earn lots of cash without even meeting the money slave you are dating. More money, more power and hence more importance in the relationship.

As it seems in the current media world, financial domination will take over the sugar relations in near future. The promises and expectation of a sugar relation are painful enough for the entities that most people are turning towards findom. If you come at this from a different angle, you can see this being the case. Don’t get me wrong, an sb/sd relationship will always exist. It’s just a large percentage of these women will see the negatives of the sugar bowl real fast. They will also see that making money in the findom is a lot easier than the hustle involved in the sugar bowl.

This might be a part of trend, but the current breeze is in the direction of money slaves and domme relationship. As I discussed above, financial relation involves little sex and you don’t have to keep a physical relation with your partner. What you need to do is to manipulate and play with minds, control their desires and you are good to go. Financial relations are not erotic other than money and finance.

As a domme, you have to think about a lot of things before looking for your money slave. You need to be smart, intelligent, bold and amazing. You need to look beautiful, sound beautiful. You need to compete against other girls who might be looking for the same man as you are. There is a lot more in understanding the concept of what it is meant to be a domme? Get yourself on that level of amazement to mentally seduce the man and get away from what you are looking for.

On the other hand, if you want to date someone for a longer period of time, you need to do your best to keep them interested in you, maybe get them attracted towards you. The basic thing behind being a domme is to use your mind more than your body. Be smart, act smart, look smart and you are on the verge on getting a rich, popular guy to date at fancy restaurants.

As the media is now progressing the idea of financial domination as a part of a trend, it is meant to be progressed even quicker than it did in the past. Findom has proved to be beneficial, harmless in most cases and more interesting than sugar relations and is therefore expected to take over sugar daddy relationships you can get from any dating site on the internet. The world today is not the world of bodies, it is the world of minds and if you can use your mind perfectly to manipulate and play with the other person’s personality and way of thinking, you are absolutely on the verge of getting a lot of benefits from the relationship.

The trend is changing and there is no place for fancy relationships and promises of sugar daddy relations. The world circles around money and people look for benefits in other people. This is the main reason why financial domination is taking over the dating world and why people find it enticing to get involved in a relationship purely based on finance. Findom is a reality and is being practiced by people all across the globe! Findom is no more a myth.

Findom: A Reality or an Erotic Dream?
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Findom: A Reality or an Erotic Dream?
Up until recently, sugar daddy dating and financial domination where 2 different areas. If you look deeper, it's all under the umbrella of getting paid to date.
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