Get Paid to Date a Millionaire

Get paid to date a millionaire

All sugar babies have one thing in common, they are looking to get paid to date. Once we get passed the obvious, each one of us has some sort of goal. Perhaps it’s a specific allowance amount we’re looking for each month. Or, maybe it’s a matter of being able to travel to exotic places. Some of us, are simply looking to enrich our lives. While that statement can be considered generic, for some of us, it’s a matter of getting paid to date a millionaire.

Get Paid to Date a Millionaire

The benefits of dating a millionaire are obvious. Access to his riches and earning bits and pieces along the way. The one part that most sugar babies underestimate the value of has absolutely nothing to do with money. His network is beyond what you can imagine. By having access to his network, you get access to something that money can not by. For instance, hopefully you like House of Cards. When Frank Understood says you’re a fool to take the money of power, there’s a reason for that. Access, or power, allows you to sway decisions and provide for opportunities that money can not. While an allowance, or flying on a private jet might provide you immediate help, it doesn’t provide the long term effect that his network can for you.

So next time you’re looking for a sugar daddy or a rich man to date, and decide you’re really looking to get paid to date a millionaire, don’t just look at it from the money site. Be sure to look at everything that millionaire has to offer. Remember, it’s all about forming an arrangement. It does not have to be all about the money. Some of the perks in these mutual arrangements go far beyond money. That, in of itself, is the one dramatic values of dating a millionaire that many miss.

Further to that point, he will see you very different than any other sugar baby he’s been with. It’s obvious to him sugar babies are after his money to some degree. When the sugar baby holds the value of his network and relationships above money, you actually get both. Once he sees that side of you, he will more than willingly provide you everything you want. This is the goal. This is the ideal mutually beneficial arrangement. This is the how you truly get paid to date a millionaire.

A step further. Take a look at rich married men that are millionaires. When you’re married and a millionaire, the most valuable commodity to this sugar daddy is time. The last thing he’s going to do is waste his time on a sugar baby that isn’t worth his time. Unlike salt daddies or even sugar daddy juniors as I call them, time is worth exponentially more to him than anyone else. You play his time wrong, you lose out on a huge amount in no time. So if you’re going the married millionaire route, check out discreet dating sites like Ashley Madison. While they’re known for affairs, you’d be surprised on how many rich married men are on it.

Get Paid to Date a Millionaire
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Get Paid to Date a Millionaire
When dating a millionaire, realize his time is exponentially more valuable than yours. Play your cards right, you get access to his network and his funds.
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