How Open Minded is Your Partner?

Open Minded Sugar Babies

You know, relationships eventually hit a rut. I mean, everything is exciting in the beginning. But at some point, everything changes. You don’t even need to be married, it’s just knowing a person for so long. As a result, many partners tend to stray and have affairs. A new thing occurring is these couples looking for a third partner to spice things up.  Being open minded to something like this can be tough to many. The first reaction is stating “I’m not a swinger”.  This however goes above that.

Take a sugar baby for instance. Sure, many are just looking to be with a couple men as their sugar daddies. Many however, are becoming the sought after 3rd wheel in a relationship. Why this is important? Several factors. First off, it’s not cheating if both partners are actively pursuing this. Furthermore, it allows for a crazy amount of exploration. Maybe she wants to be with woman. Maybe he wants to see here with a woman. The lists goes on and on,.

As online affairs continue to grow at a rapid rate, you will see more and more couples turn to these open minded relationships to spice things up in their life. On the surface, it seems like a threesome. This however goes above and beyond that. Sugar babies get that, and you see this engagement being requested more frequently.

How Open Minded is Your Partner?
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How Open Minded is Your Partner?
While many partners tend to stray and have affairs, a new trend in with open minded relationships looking at selective threesomes to fill a void.
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Sugar Baby Network
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