How to Find a Domme As a Newbie

How to Find a Domme as a Newbie

If you follow my blog, you know I’m very pro for the sugar life. The sugar bowl has been very good to me financially, emotionally, and career wise. My network has grown in ways I could never have imagined, so has my bank account! I am incredibly humble for the entire experience. Present day, I’m seeing this very interesting shift in sugar babies becoming dommes. Some are doing this on the side, while others have transitioned away from sugar daddies and focus on pay pigs. I must say, 5 years ago, I would have thought you were nuts.

Nowadays, the sugar bowl is very different. Not only are there thousands of sugar daddy sites, there is more salt out there than ever. I would say the amount of POTs that turn into salt is like 8 in 10. That’ insanely high and was never the case. I blame it on the greediness of the sugar sites out there. Anyways, the financial domination space has been around forever. Only recently, are you starting to see a lot more newbies enter the space. Both from the pay pig and domme perspective, more and more men & women are looking to findom to fill avoid. While I love the concept of mutual arrangements, financial domination is another form of arrangements that you don’t hear much about. What makes this more difficult is for men. Guys that are looking to find a domme, is incredibly intimidating. As a result, most guys are afraid to jump in. So how do you find a domme?

How to Find a Domme As a Newbie

There are several chat rooms, forums, and even Twitter profiles where you can dive in. Thing is, many of these dommes / mistresses come off too strong off the bat. A pay pig / domme relationship is very delicate in the beginning. A man in looking to have a woman financially and emotionally control them. This sort of dynamic is not something that happens the first minute you meet them. This is why I’m a huge fan of sugar babies that turn into dommes. I look at these women as the new wave of financial domination.

Pay Pigs Wanted
Pay Pigs Wanted

A domme and pay pig relationship involves an insane amount of trust, without the unnecessary brashness that occurs off the bat. If you’re a guy truly looking for a domme, but thinks most of the dommes out there are nuts (ha), then I recommend you look at sugar babies who turned into dommes.

Sugar babies aren’t your typical domme. Since they come from the sugar world, they understand and truly value an arrangement. A pay pig domme relationship is a form of an arrangement. If you ask a “traditional” domme that, they will say your nuts. I call BS on that. Take a look at the show Billions on Showtime. That dynamic is more modern and more intriguing than some of these dommes demanding a tribute before they even meet you. F.U. I mean, these are some lazy old women that don’t understand the modern world.

So if you’re a guy looking to get your feet wet with a domme, find out first if she ever was involved in the sugar bowl. If so, in what capacity. You can tell if she’s genuine from her replies. From there, you’ll build that level of comfort to tell her what you’re looking for. Similar in a sugar daddy / sugar baby relationship, it all comes down to communication and respect. With that, you’ll both be able to find exactly what you’re looking for in a domme / paypig relationship. You’d be surprised how many of these dommes are turning to affair sites like Ashley Madison to find their pay pigs. After all, the typical paypig is white, married, and successful. You’re speaking right through a domme’s heart!

How to Find a Domme As a Newbie
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How to Find a Domme As a Newbie
Finding a domme as a newbie can be very intimidating. The trick that I've found is to find a modern domme, not some domme that's been at it for decades.
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