How to Find a Paypig

How to Find a Paypig

Ever wonder how to find a paypig? First you need to understand the mindset of these men that fall under this category. In short these men, aka paypigs, are looking to give you money for some form of humiliation, degradation, or straight up bowing down to whatever the woman wants. Some can argue that a paypig relationship doesn’t fall under a sugar baby relationship. While the glam is gone, this is still an arrangement where money is involved. As a result, this is 100% considered a sugar baby relationship in my book.

How to Find a PayPig

You know, finding a paypig use to be a ton of work. Now with the growth of social media, you can create a killer Instagram account and attract men in your bio looking for this sort of financial domination. Thing is, you will need to weed out a ton of poor wannabes. You know the types, the ones that have the desire but no money to actually follow through.

The alternative way, is to simply create a profile on a discreet dating site like Ashley Madison. This affair site has the tagline to “Life is Short, Have an Affair.”. Unlike other so called discreet dating sites out there, Ashley Madison not only caters to sugar daddy sugar baby relationships, it also caters to findom.┬áBy doing so, you’re weeding out most of them that have no money. You can focus on the ones that have the financial means. Now, it’s a matter of forming a mutually beneficial arrangement where you both get what you’re looking for.

Focus on a Small Amount of Paypigs

Whatever you do, don’t try to have too many paypigs. By doing so, you will stretch yourself thing and not be able to provide the proper engagement. If he’s not satisfied in giving you money, he will find it somewhere else. Simple match actually!

What is the Fetish of Your Paypig

This is a very important one. Each paypig has a fetish. It’s your job to figure out what that is, and provide it for a substantial dollar amount. At the end of the day, this sort of arrangement is a power exchange. Normally, it’s money for some sort of intimacy. In this case, you’re receiving money (power) and providing him the power to NOT have any. Double the fun!

Paypigs need to Pay for Your Attention

One of my favorites. Regardless of the time of day, many paypigs want your attention. Set the expectation upfront that if he wants your attention, it will cost him money. Make him make a donation for the please of your attention.

How to Find a Paypig
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How to Find a Paypig
Paypig relationships are growing at a crazy rate. With the acceptance of sugar baby relationships, you're seeing an eye towards paypigs and their desires.
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