Lively Key West Sugar Babies

Key West Sugar Babies

When one thinks of Florida & sugar babies, Key West sugar babies do not come to mind. Which is a shame for those that have actually been to Key West will tell you, they are here and kicking. There are two types sugar babies in Key West . First, you have the true locals to Key West. Once that live the great life in Key West, but at the same time, are looking for a successful man to upgrade their life. The other kind of sugar baby, are the ones that move to Key West from other areas of Florida – specifically Miami. With a huge Miami & Cuba influence, you start seeing a twist of sugar babies that are very specific to Key West. It’s a feel you don’t get in too many other areas of Florida. This makes Florida sugar babies that best kind of sugar baby for a US state.

You can spend months in the various markets of Florida and get very different feel for sugar babies within the various markets in Florida. I’d say, Florida even beats out California sugar babies with the various forms sugar babies throughout the state – everything from the west coast (Tampa / Clearwater), to the  east coast (Boca Raton to Miami) and even inland of Florida (Orlando).

It’s called the sunshine state for many reasons, which attracts people from all over the world to relocate to an area of Flordia. Mix in the locals and the tourists, you have an influx of activity that many other areas of  the country simply do not have.