Los Angeles Sugar Babies VS San Francisco Sugar Babies

sugar babes in California

I’ve been to California several times in my life,  part for business, always throwing in pleasure. When it comes to the various popular cities in California, there’s a certain pulse that makes each city unique. When it comes to sugar babies in these cities, it’s as true as anything.

sugar babes in California
sugar babes in California

San Francisco Sugar Babies

I find there are two types of sugar babies in San Francisco. First are the girls still in college, trying to make ends meet, that look to successful men to take care of them. These girls are my favorite, but tough to get as they are a pain to deal with. Speaking to a 19 year old can be quite the daunting task, until you have your schtick down that is. The huge plus side, these girls rarely ask for much. Cell phone bill, going out money, clothes, nothing too crazy. Sugar babies in San Francisco bring the sugar bowl to a whole different level.

The second type, are the San Francisco sugar babies who work, whether it be a white collar or blue collar jobs. Women in San Francisco love to consider themselves free spirited, but at times, they realize they need financial help. Since these women have larger bills, they financially ask for more. On the upside, there’s a significant amount of these girls, so you have quite the pickings.

Los Angeles Sugar Babies

When it comes to LA, what can I say, the women are gorgeous. Since LA is known for the entertainment industry, looks are critical for these women. As a result, the competition between sugar babies in Los Angeles is fierce. Because of this, you will have a hard time getting 10s. However, the 7 and 8s in Los Angeles are so self conscious (and broke from not getting enough work), you can get these Los Angeles sugar babies at a steal/

At the end of the day, it comes down to your ability to approach as many females as possible. Since this is a numbers game, the sugar world is no different. If you can play to the demographic the proper way, increase your pool of sugar babies with sites like  Ashley Madison

Los Angeles Sugar Babies VS San Francisco Sugar Babies
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Los Angeles Sugar Babies VS San Francisco Sugar Babies
When comparing sugar babies in Los Angeles to San Francisco, there are some distinct differences - enough to make a real impact on your sugar relationship.
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