No Such Thing As a Typical Sugar Baby

Media has no clue when it comes to sugar babies

The media and I really don’t get a long. I mean, 99% of the media have absolutely no idea what a sugar baby is. They have their preconceived notions, read a blog or two , and decide to report. The problem is, their microphones are huge but their intellect and knowledge of sugar babies is squat. For instance, have you ever wondered why they never, ever show a black girl as a sugar baby? Also, why is it they never show a woman in their 40s at a sugar baby? Do you think that there aren’t any “cougar” sugar babies, or hot black girls that are sugar babies? Of course there are, but the media is too narrow minded to see that.

Take for instance this whole college girl sugar baby thing. If you only had the media as a resource, you would think every girl in college is out there sugaring to get an allowance and pay down their student loans. Do you realize in reality, the percentage of the underground population that partake in sugar is less than 1%? Think about it, what real bills does the typical undergrad have? Yes, more and more women are putting themselves through college without help from their parents. These women are straight up smart, intelligent and workaholics. How many of these women do you know are sugar babies? Definitely higher than the norm, but if you listed to the media, you would think ever damn undergrad is.

Seriously, it’s just effed. It’s blogs like that I feel show you what’s really going on in the sugar world. Like, how many reporters do you know can truly articulate the difference between a sugar baby and an escort? How many reporters do you know have been able to intertwine findom and sugar. They have no clue some of these dimwit reporters. If you want real knowledge, true insights, talk to real sugar sisters in the sugar bowl. By them a gift, a drink, anything. The value you will get will beat any sort of reporter any day of the week.

Humpday rant complete!

No Such Thing As a Typical Sugar Baby
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No Such Thing As a Typical Sugar Baby
99% of the media have absolutely no idea what a sugar baby is. If you want real details and knowledge, learn from a sugar sister in the sugar bowl.
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Sugar Baby Network
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