Pay Pigs Wanted – No Seriously!

Pay Pigs Wanted

The concept of pay pigs has always been around. Being financially submissive to a woman, I mean, come on! What was incredibly difficult was finding a partner that was looking for this type of financial domination. Can you imagine our parents generation how this would have went down? The amount of opportunities were so limitless that this sort of lifestyle was such a minuscule part of the population.  Now enter pay pigs wanted.

Fast forward to 10-15 years ago when online dating hit the scene – crazy right, it wasn’t so long ago. Combine that with the old fashion AOL chat rooms, financial domination starting to simmer a bit. Thing is, it really didn’t hit its appeal until sugar baby websites became popular. A couple years ago, there was like 3 sites that were considered sugar baby / sugar daddy websites. Now, there are hundreds of apps and thousands of dating sites catering to the sugar baby world. Don’t get me wrong, most of them are junk filled with bots and poor guys pretending to be rich, but I digress.

Pay pigs and sugar babies have a common theme behind them – they are both forms of financial domination. After all, saying pay pigs wanted is just code word a type of financial domination that many in society are not familiar with. Pay pigs however have a greater edge in my eyes, you have full control. A sugar baby might tell you I only do what I’m comfortable with. Truth is, that is not always the case. Sometimes the money or the benefits are so outlandish that a sugar baby will forego her morals, after all, who would really know right? Which by the was I am completely against, dealing with the mental anguish of this in the future is 100% not worth the short term gain.

So how do you find a pay pig anyways?  Here are my steps in getting a pay pig:

  1. Join every single sugar daddy website and app with the SAME profile. You might thing this is overkill, but you’re spreading your profile across a niche audience that could be on any of these sugar daddy sites. Do not join mainstream dating sites as they will simply waste your time.
  2. Create a separate digital identity. This means screen name, email address (gmail), and phone number (Sideline is great). This is key. If you ever want to get out of the game, or you want to avoid someone, this is a great way to scrap an identity and start over
  3. Profile is key. You need to state what you’re looking for, do not be shy at all! Sugar baby sites tend to be much more lenient with profiles than other dating sites. As a result, pay pigs wanted needs to be followed up with what you’re looking for in a pay pig.
  4. Target Married Men. Since the typical paypig is married, white and successful, be sure to target discreet dating sites like  What makes this arrangement site different is their approach. Sugar baby sugar daddy relationships for sure, even financial domination. Furthermore, you have the ability to find married men looking for that ultimate arrangement. While you won’t get anywhere near that amount of messages as you would for an affair, the ones that are looking for findom are serious when they contact you.

So there you have it. You will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of individuals looking for pay pigs out there. You just need to put yourself out there in a smart concise way. Enjoy the fun and the money!!!!!

Pay Pigs Wanted - No Seriously!
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Pay Pigs Wanted - No Seriously!
Finding pay pigs is easier than you think, just gotta know where to look!
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