San Diego Sugar Babies are Quite Unique

When you think of sugar babies, the last word you describe them with is unique. After all, you kinda get the idea what these girls are after. Or are you? When it comes to San Diego sugar babies, the answer isn’t quite that simple. The last thing these girls are – are gold diggers. So how do you work out an arrangement with a sugar baby in San Diego?

San Diego Sugar Babies

You have to break down San Diego sugar babies into two categories. The first are the sugar babies that have been in the San Diego area their whole life, or at least 10+ years. These girls, play by a whole different set of rules. Money and power isn’t the end all be all here. These types of San Diego sugar babies are looking for night life and access. When I say access, I mean experiences that they can’t get with just any guy. On the flip side, you have San Diego sugar babies that are new to the area. These girls, these are the ones you treat like you would any sugar baby. It’s hard to know what they’re exactly looking for. But you do know these girls don’t fall under the laid back attitude, not yet at least.

Sugar Babies in San Diego

The biggest threat that sugar babies in San Diego have to deal with is actually Mexico. Guys can just go to the “club” in Tijuana and get girls for pennies on the dollar. Not only is that tough for escorts in San Diego, it’s incredibly difficult for sugar babies in San Diego. ¬†As a guy, knowing this, you can work this to your advantage. Never once for a second feel like she has the upper hand. If she ever comes across as entitled or ungrateful, just move on. From my experience, you knew get this attitude from the true locals. You get this type of response from sugar babies that are new to the San Diego area.

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