Sugar Babies are Smarter than You Think

Date Rich Men and Get Paid

Guys, remember that women love to talk, especially to each other. This holds especially true in the sugar baby community. Women share and talk about everything, I mean EVERYTHING! There’s a term now in sugar bowl called sugar sisters to describe these women. As a result, certain games sugar daddies play often gets discussed. So word to the wise, if you’re running an end around on a sugar baby, try doing it when you’re traveling verses in your home area.

For instance.  Some men are at faulty for pulling one of the oldest scams in the book  If a POT fills a sugar babies’ head with grand visions – spa days, private jets, shopping on 5th Avenue, then tell you he can’t send you cash cause he’s waiting on a huge business deal to close. Sounds familiar? Don’t get me wrong, this worked for me when I was starting out in the sugar game. Nowadays, these sugar babies have smarten up.

Another one is checks. Writing a sugar baby a check isn’t a bad idea, really isn’t. Now, if you plan on writing a check from an account that has no money and you know that, you are committing check fraud. If this is something you just kinda did and didn’t realize, and you so happen to never see this sugar baby again, you’d get away with it. But you really have to be smart about it. Use a false name, a disposable email address and phone number, and do it while you’re traveling on a location that you don’t expect to ever go back to.

Sugar Babies are Smarter than You Think
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Sugar Babies are Smarter than You Think
There are certain tricks that worked with sugar relationships, some aren't as good as they use to be.
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Sugar Baby Network
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