Sugar Baby Allowances Don’t Cut It

For those of you looking for a sugar baby allowance, you know it’s a very tough thing to pull off for the long term. Generally, each month that amount gets less and less. Meanwhile, you have to do more and more for it. The problem  with the sugar bowl is simply, there’s more beauty (sugar babies) than generous sugar daddies. When this occurs, you need to look at all the aspects for benefits when it comes to finding a mutually beneficial arrangement. When the media or some sugar daddy website mentions what the average sugar baby allowance is, just remember the media knows sh-t. The media gets barely enough information to make generalized statements. In turn, the media uses their wide reach to turn said BS into fact. The actual fact is the average sugar baby allowance doesn’t earn 5k each month for years on end.

This is one of the many reasons I believe allowances for sugar babies alone won’t cut it. You have to come at it from multiple angles.  For instance:

  1. Network – tap into his network of men and women. You never know where an arrangement where lead, but chances are it will eventually fade. If you’re able to solidify part of his network, you have something that you can tap into in the future
  2. Mentorship – if the sugar daddy is in some sort of business that your interested in, learn from it. Gain some tips and insights that you can never learn on your own.
  3. Travel – You can seriously widen your horizons by piggy backing off of his business travels. Also, try for ways to get access to his miles for your future travels
  4. Adventures – My personal favorite. Is there any sort of experience / adventure you’re looking for that’s bit out of your price range? Front row for Gaga? Five star resort in Fiji? Full day massage / spa treatment

If you take those 4 areas above, throw in some sort of access to an allowance / cash, you can seriously value your arrangement a new light. After all, there’s more to a mutually beneficial arrangement than simply an allowance. It’s all about perspective!

Sugar Baby Allowances Don't Cut It
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Sugar Baby Allowances Don't Cut It
There's a ton more benefits to obtain when getting a mutually beneficial arrangements. Allowances are great, but there's some bigger items to get asap!
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Sugar Baby Network
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