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Sacramento Sugar Babies are Cali Gems Too

Sacramento Sugar Babies

Sacramento is populated by fun loving sugar babies who love wining and dining. The wine testing event in California is testimony enough to this fact. The Sacramento sugar babies are of different origins and it is not surprising to find many young girls mingling with the wealthy men that flock […]

San Francisco Sugar Babies – Superbowl Effect

San Francisco Sugar Babies

With Superbowl 50 under way, it’s fascinating to me the love and hate people have for the Broncos and the Panthers. The part that many forget is how expensive this event is all around. With such a high price, and such a large influx of men coming in, you have […]

Los Angeles Sugar Babies VS San Francisco Sugar Babies

sugar babes in California

I’ve been to California several times in my life,  part for business, always throwing in pleasure. When it comes to the various popular cities in California, there’s a certain pulse that makes each city unique. When it comes to sugar babies in these cities, it’s as true as anything. San […]

My Experiences with Sugar Babies in the US and Canada

I kept this blog running as a hobby. I have some much information in my little brain that I should dedicate some more time sharing this wealth of knowledge. So I decided to take this blog in a slightly different approach. I’m not much of an international traveler, but am […]