The Advantages of Pay Per Meets

Advantages of Pay Per Meets

For the longest times, sugar babies and sugar daddies came to terms for allowance. If you fast forward to the present, a very small percentage of sugar babies & sugar daddies engage in allowances. There is absolutely nothing wrong if you do, it’s just the sugar baby / sugar daddy relationship has evolved. Not only is it about a mutually beneficial arrangements, you have other areas that are growing in popularity with financial domination & affairs. As a result, you are seeing a growing trend in the arrangement world gearing towards pay per meets.

The Advantages of Pay Per Meets

With all the disadvantages with allowances, it should come as no surprise that arrangements are turning into pay per meets. In it’s simplistic form, those engaging in a mutually beneficial arrangement do so on a per meet basis. For instance, you might agree to go to an NFL game for $X, or you might meet someone for coffee for $Y. The advantage of a pay per meet is that it allows to take the pressures off while keeping the communication very direct & open. The result is a mutually beneficial arrangement where both parties are satisfied. To go a step further, the chances of additional pay per meets increases as both sides become comfortable in the arrangement.

Depending on the sugar baby, one might consider pay per meets a negative. Thing is, the younger / newer generation of sugar babies are quite acceptable to this. So what you have are two types of sugar babies, ones for and ones against pay per meets. If you look at it from the sugar daddy perspective, pay per meets is a great way to start off an arrangement. It’s low risk & very specific, verses giving an allowance off the bat for someone these men rarely know. Years go, that was the largest drawback of the sugar baby allowance. With the shift going towards pay per meets, a sugar baby can be very specific in the activity they are engaging with. From the sugar daddy perspective, he feels the same way while determine if the mutually beneficial arrangement is something worth continuing in the future. It’s truly a win-win for all sides, unless you have been in the sugar bowl for a while!

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