Top Financial Domination Websites – 2020 Update

Top Financial Domination Websites

When it comes to financial domination, or fin dom as they say, there’s been a surge in demands for this sort of arrangement. At the end of the day, it all comes down to establishing trust between the pay pig and the findomme. Some financial dominatrix make an insane amount of money.  While there’s a huge money side to the arrangement, there’s also a thrilling power dynamic that is near impossible to replicate outside of the findom world. Let’s dive into financial domination relationships & findom websites.

What is Financial Domination in the New Decade?

Money slavery is one way to look at financial domination. But as I mentioned above, the ability to control & be controlled is a huge element to findom that is often forgotten.

While financial dominatrix are making an insane amount of money in the new decade, you must remember there is more to it than that. In terms of simple definitions:

Submissive Male – Pay Pig

Financial Domination Relationships

In order to build that trust, you need to find communities that are open to such arrangements. So where do you go if you’re looking for top financial domination websites? Ultimately, it comes down to a community that is truly open minded. Without the ability to be open minded, these sort of communities would never exist or prosper.

Top Financial Domination Websites

I mentioned the need to be open minded for these communities to work. This is crucial. In addition to that, you need to foster that relationship. Women that plainly come out and say “Give me $200 pig” has absolutely no idea what it takes to be in a fin dom arrangement. These women are actually worse than prostitutes as they are literally asking you money for absolutely nothing! A true fin dom arrangement needs the ability to have trust in both ways. Remember, you’re nurturing a need by a man to be financially dominated by a woman. The domme needs to truly understand why this man is wanting this sort of arrangement. Then and only then, are you able to build a proper fin dom arrangement.

You need to remember that a majority of the men that use findom sites are white collar, married, successful. With that type of setup, your ideal spot is to target married men looking for affairs. Given that, you’ll have some great success with the mutually beneficial arrangement site of Ashley Madison.  A new up in coming one in the discreet dating space of Here, married men are looking for the ultimate discreet enounter.

Not only will you find those seeking affairs & SD/SB relationships, you will also uncover the growing community to findom & discreet dating. While you won’t get as many messages as those simply looking for an affair, the ones that do contact you, are rather serious & legit.

How to Be a Financial Dominatrix on These Financial Domination Websites?

If you’re looking to make some extra money in the findom space, there’s some things you need to know. In addition to joining 1-2 financial domination websites, use these findom tips below to stay ahead of the curve:

  1. Put Your Profile on Multiple Findom Sites – There’s no such thing as the Google of Findom, or the Tinder of financial domination. As a result, you need to create one profile & try to have them on as many niche findom sites as you can. Then as the messages start coming in, you can see where to direct you attention to. You’ll be surprised where that pay pig you have always been waiting for is!
  2. Find the Most Optimal Submissive Man – sounds harder than it reads. The upside here is insane. With the right submissive man, not only is the power dynamic mind blowing, access to his bank account will only make you (and him) coming back for more 😉
  3. It’s Not About You, It’s About Him – while you might have the power and access to his funds, it’s not about you. You can lose access to that power dynamic with one false move. So whatever you do, do not take it for granted. I’ve seen so many women have the ultimate submissive to lose it over something as stupid as not checking in before bed one night. Remember, fulfill the fantasy and keep him on for life!
  4. Keep the Fantasy going – don’t for a second assume that the guy on the side is a loser or a dimwit. Chances are, he is a white collar successful man who needs this outlet to fill a void, or simply loves the power dynamic. If you assume he’s another “dumb guy”, you won’t last long the findom world.
  5. Avoid Paypal – Paypal is horrible for this type of thing. Personally, I’m a huge fan of cryptocurrency. Let’s keep this simple with Bitcoin. The issue with Paypay or anything involving a credit card is charge backs. Even worse, if Paypal or the credit card companies get wind of what you’re doing, they will freeze your account & you’ll never get your money!

In summation, remember that financial domination sites are only part of it. In order to properly pull off a findom relationship, it’s crucial you do you part!

Top Financial Domination Websites - 2020 Update
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Top Financial Domination Websites - 2020 Update
There's been a surge in demand for those seeking findom websites & finddom arrangements. Here is some background and ways to find the top financial domination websites.
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