Toronto Sugar Babies at Every Age Group

Toronto Sugar Babies

Ever wonder how it’s like for sugar babies in Toronto? There was a time when Toronto sugar babies actually skewed older in age than in most cities. Fast forward to the present, you are seeing a ton of recent university grads going the sugar baby route. The reason this is the case is simple: perception. The term sugar baby has evolved, I have always sad that on this blog. Terms like affairs, discretion & findom are joining the ranks of the tradition sugar baby / sugar daddy relationship. Take a look at Ashley Madison which caters to the sugar baby world in a very modern way.  Sugar is becoming so broad now that is has attracted the younger sugar baby now more than ever.

So why is it that Toronto sugar babies skewed older for the longest time? That’s actually a great question, one that doesn’t have a simple answer. Toronto is known for having women that are career oriented. As a result, you’re seeing a huge shift in these women giving up their time of fun in exchange for their career. As time passes, these women feel like they missed out on a very fun part of their lives. As a result, you start seeing more sugar babies in Toronto at an older age. That dynamic has shifted given the result change in definition of a sugar baby. With the dynamic shift, you have women are various ages at different stages in their lives loving the sugar bowl.