What in the World are Money Slaves?

Money Slaves

I guess one way or another we are all a slave to money, just depends on which angle you look at that analogy. ¬†Money slaves is simply another term used for pay pigs. When a money slave is looking to serve his domme, there is no sex involved. There actually is no public interaction. Except, I’ve seen money slaves be part of a very interesting dynamic.

Imagine you are the domme and you have this money slave. One in which constantly is supplying you with tributes. As the relationship grows , you demand your money slave to meet you at Bloomingdales to take you shopping. Now, I don’t mean just give me your credit card and go shopping. I mean, this money slave stands next to you the entire time as your shopping. Maybe you ever force him to stare at the corner as your trying on clothes. Or, you ever make him steal something without getting caught. A money slave, someone who is your sub and will do whatever you want.

As a sugar baby, why is this enticing? I hope I don’t have to spell this out! Imagine turning your sugar daddy into a money slave. It ill 99% of the time will never happen. You need to establish the relationship with your money slave off the bat. It takes a particular type of man to fit this role. Also, don’t for a second think this man in real life is some low life who has no money. Most of the time, these are middle to upper class men that have a successful living.

Taking this a step further, some of these money slaves are married. These money slaves carry on these relationships with their dommes without their wife ever knowing. Think about the amount of control you have over this money slave. It’s a very tough thing to turn down. No matter what type of sugar daddy arrangement you have out there, a sugar baby will never get the mental edge like this. A money slave gives you the attention and the money that a sugar daddy never will.

What in the World are Money Slaves?
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What in the World are Money Slaves?
When it comes to findom, money slaves and pay pigs serve the domme in a way that you will love. Everything from attention, power, and money is all yours.
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