What is a Good Sugar Baby Allowance?

Sugar Baby Allowance

When it comes to a sugar baby allowance, the ranges are huge. Anything from paying a cell phone bill to 5 figure monthly allowances. Many sugar daddies get enjoyment by giving an allowance. The dependency that exists truly benefits both sides.

How to ask for an Allowance

This is always tricky. It’s more an art than a science, but there is some commonality. For instance, the biggest mistake you can make is ask for an allowance amount before you ever even meet. I know, the last thing you want to do as a sugar baby is waste time with salt. Thing is, it’s a catch 22. The mean that can provide real allowances, will get turned off if you’re asking for X before you even meet. At the same time, you don’t want to waste your time with a guy that just wants to pay your for your Starbucks latte.

So that makes asking for an allowance an art you have to master. The key that we found isn’t so much the dollar amount, it’s more the things you’re wanting taken care of. Rent, car payments, credit card bills, student loans. These are items in which you never have to say a dollar amount. A sugar daddy’s response to this will determine if you’re on the same wave length or not.

Don’t ever let him try before he buys

Some guys, with means and without means, will try to force you into situations you don’t want to. Their biggest line is wanting to see what he’s getting for paying for X or providing an allowance. The concept of letting him try anything goes against the whole sugar life. The reason you are getting paid to date and why he’s offering is to form a mutually beneficial arrangement. This is such a wide net of opportunities that there’s no room for the mentality of “trying before you buy.

Don’t ever give out your banking information

One of the bigger scams out there today in the sugar world goes like this: A man offers you an allowance that you’re more than satisfied with. In order to give you this allowance, he asks for several bits of personal information (social, banking, etc). Avoid this at all cost. Cash is truly king here ladies. The guy can certainly go the extra step of going to his bank, getting a withdrawal, and providing it to you. Paypal is another option, just need to be careful with chargebacks. Once you establish the arrangement and it is ongoing, various options open up where you’ll feel more comfortable with.

Don’t get greedy

One of the biggest complaints by sugar babies is labeling men as salt. Why, because he just met you and doesn’t want to give you 5k off the bat? The sugar life is a lifestyle, it’s not a transaction that occurs. If it’s a transaction you’re looking for, you need to jump out of the sugar baby world and into the escort world. There are a select few sugar baby sites that cater to the sugar lifestyle at a whole. That means everything from a man spoiling you like crazy to men who are simply willing to support you. You need to know and adapt to the differences. Otherwise, you will be a sour sugar baby never getting the ideal arrangement you’re looking for.

An open flexible mind wins

Every single arrangement is different. As a result, you really need to be open minded and flexible. If you’re not, you will lose out on opportunities that you thought were duds, that would have been gems. Don’t forget, the one thing that most successful men do not have, is the luxury of time. The old saying of time is money is extremely true here. If these men feel you are hustling them, playing them, the true diamonds in the rough will disappear. Knowing that, it’s key that you are open minded. As mentioned earlier, there are many types of arrangements out there that can benefit you. If your rigid on wanting X for Y, that your sugar baby allowance will never happen. What you’re really looking for is an hourly rate.

What are the Keys to a Sugar Baby Allowance

  1. Open Mind – I can’t stress this enough. Before you start an excel sheet and start mapping your wants and needs, you really need to be flexible. So many sugar babies miss out on some amazing arrangements due to their narrow mind. For instance, let’s say you want 3k a month to meet 3x a month. Let’s also say you’re looking to make a career in the fashion world. You meet a guy that is very high up the food chain in the fashion industry . While he can’t meet what you’re looking for, you enjoy his company and his knowledge / insights into the field. If you’re close minded, you will lose out on an opportunity to learn from a successful man in your field.
  2. Start the conversation – When it comes to negotiating, the one who starts with an offer is always at a disadvantage. In your case, you need to start the conversation so there isn’t any miscommunication. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to have a dollar figure in mind. You can simply state that you’re looking for an ongoing arrangement that will support your lifestyle. Let the conversation flow from there.
  3. It’s Ok to Say No – Don’t ever feel like you need to say yes to ANYTHING you’re not comfortable with. No man has the right to dictate something to you that you’re uncomfortable with. Period.
  4. Bring Up Past Arrangements – Now this is a slippery slope. Remember most guys in the sugar world spew out a lot of BS. He might describe an arrangement that is significantly less than what you’re looking for, with a woman that was a “model”. When you hear this type of talk, don’t waste your time and move on. If however, you believe the arrangement he’s telling you about, and is coming across as sincere, well then you have a solid base to work from.
  5. Is He Married – Ask yourself if you’re ok with him being married. I say this as this becomes a true NSA arrangement, it’ll never be anything more. Some sugar babies love this, some hate it. IF you know which bucket you fall into, it will be much easier to move on from. For those interested, I can tell you successful married men give some of the best allowances for sugar babies.


What is a Good Sugar Baby Allowance?
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What is a Good Sugar Baby Allowance?
When it comes to a sugar baby allowance, the range is huge. Anything from paying a cell phone bill to 5 figure monthly allowances. Get the max with these tips.
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