Atlanta Sugar Babies Get a Bad Wrap

For those of you new to the sugar baby scene, every guy thinks he’s an expert on the topic. Thing is, very few men like myself have actually been with sugar babies all over the country (technically several continents – but that’s a whole other thing!). When it comes to Atlanta sugar babies, they tend to get a bad wrap. The #1 thing I hear is the race thing, how many of these girls are black. It’s like by saying they’re black, that’s a bad thing. What’s with you!

Atlanta Sugar Babies

First off, there are tons of colleges in the Atlanta area. Lots of students mean a high amount of debt. When there’s high debt, girls needs to make money. Simple answer: Atlanta sugar babies. The part that fascinates me is the type of debt they’re in. ¬†Yes, when these girls get out of school, monthly payments for their debt begins. But how much debt can they have while in school? Well, that depends if they have family supporting them. For the many that do not, these girls are highly desirable. Why? These are the exact opposite of mo money mo problems

Sugar Babies in Atlanta

My favorite part about sugar babies in Atlanta is how straight forward these girls are. The last thing these girls do is beat around the bush. I don’t know if it’s a race thing or just a straight up Atlanta thing, but I’ve found these sugar babies in Atlanta to be very direct.

For a guy like me, I love this. I don’t want to waste time with the hustle. Also, I’m no looking to date you. If I had to deal with the games, I’d go on a date and play the game. But nowadays, there’s absolutely no reason for this. Unlike you’re looking to get married. Don’t do it Don’t do it!

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