Financial Domination is Getting More Popular

The whole concept of financial domination is incredibly foreign to most. If you asked a sugar baby about financial domination even 5 years ago, you’d get this wtf look. Fast forward to present day, sugar babies are all about getting some sort of benefit / payment from a man. At first it was simply getting paid to date, but it goes beyond that. Some sugar babies started realizing early on that you can make a ton of money off of guys that aren’t even rich. Simply put, financial domination is growing in an underground way that many never realized.

Financial Domination is Getting More Popular

Don’t get me wrong, the majority of people have absolutely no idea what this is. Sure you might have read 50 Shades of Grey but that doesn’t even touch the tip of the iceberg. What that book did however, is attempt to bring the concept of findom to the forefront of imagination. From there, it has progressed in ways that hasn’t been thought of before.


When it comes to financial domination, the sub gets this incredibly erotic thrill to have his findom ( you ) control his finances. Taking it a step further, you have the mental control of this pay pig (below). In short, sugar babies are seeing a tremendous value in having this type of control over their pay pigs. As a result, financial domination allows a sugar baby to get money and power without ever having to meet their pay pig. That’s right, there’s a ton of women making some serious money juggling multiple pay pigs. Or, you can take it a step further and take that online findom pay pig relationship to the next level. With that next level comes more humiliation for him, more power and money for you.

The other part on why sugar babies are turning to findom is a simple one, it’s not about sex. Let’s face it, at some point, an arrangement involves sex to a degree. When it comes to findom, it doesn’t. It’s more about mental control, sub / domme relationship. If it ever progresses to the real life, and if it ever turns to sex, the erotic nature of this can not be compared to any other arrangement you’ve ever had in the past. The past 12 months, the media loves throwing the term feminism and equal pay for women out there like a catch phrase. While I know, I believe, that the media is doing this as part of a trend, financial domination will over take the sugar baby world. It’s a trend that has already started, and is what that will be more mainstream than ever. It’s just, the media will never cover it properly as they have no clue on what’s involved.

Pay Pigs

A pay pig more or less is the official term of a findom’s client. In other words, it’s a man that serves a sugar baby’s needs. Now, I know most of you are thinking you can’t interchange the term sugar baby and findom, these are two totally different terms. On the surface you are correct. Fast forward to the present however, and what you’ll find are sugar babies turning to financial domination as another means to satisfy that need to get benefits / payments from a man. A sugar baby now can get an allowance from a sugar daddy, she can also take on the role of a findom and get paid from a pay pig. It’s actually not as far fetched as you think. Some sugar babies will even do private cam sessions with their POT sugar daddy before even meeting him. Or, she can also have a cam session with a pay pig that will give his domme anything that he can to be worthy of her attention. Remember there’s a huge mental / power shift component here, that isn’t all too common to sugar babies. Sure sugar babies hold a ton of power in any sugar relationship, but ultimately it needs to be mutually beneficial. With a pay pig / findom relationship, the mutual part is the pay pig STARVING for the attention from his findom

What is a Typical Pay Pig

If you’re not familiar with the findom world, you would expect a pay pig to be this poor guy that can’t get women. Thing is, while that is true to a degree, it’s not the norm. The average guy that is a pay pig looking for a domme is white, middle to upper class, educated, and a solid earner. ¬†On the surface, it sounds a little bit like a sugar daddy doesn’t it? Thing is, we all know how much of a pain the sugar bowl can be. We also know the inconsistencies we deal with when it comes to sugar daddies. With a pay pig, being able to financial serve his domme is a type of control you will never have with a sugar daddy.

Financial Domination is Getting More Popular
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Financial Domination is Getting More Popular
Financial domination is incredibly foreign to most. If you asked a sugar baby about financial domination even 5 years ago, you'd get this wtf look. Not today.
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