Financial Domination & PayPigs on the Rise

Sugar babies are evolving to the multitude sides of getting paid to date

When you think of sugar babies, most do not associate it to financial domination or paypigs. That statement really depends on who you are. If you’re mainstream media, you’re lucky if you truly understand what a sugar baby is.  Now, what if you’re new to the sugar world? Chances are you trying to navigate your way in the sugar bowl to find your sweet spot. You might find a sugar sister who will guide you along the way, or you’ll simply put yourself out there and navigate the field. Either way, whether you realize it or note, you’re involved in financial domination – you just probably aren’t doing a great job at it!

When it comes to financial domination, the female has the power. Now, that power doesn’t just happen on day 1 (except there are some incredible experienced women that achieve that immediately). Depending on you market & position yourself, you can dominate your mark wisely. As it comes to pay pigs,  that brings financial domination to a whole new level.

A person who is a pay pig more often that not is NOT wealthy, but is successful really. What they do have, is an unending desire to please their “woman” with whatever they have. The amount of power this gives a woman truly blows away being a simple sugar baby. Don’t get me wrong, sugar babies can make some amazing money. However, at the end of the day, it’s never truly fulfilling on its own.

Next time try this. Have a sugar daddy relationship, one in which supports your financial needs. At the same time, find a pay pig. I will guarantee you, you’ll get more enjoyment & less games with a pay pig that you would with a salty / POT / experienced sugar daddy. Take a look at affair sites such as Ashley Madison. Men that are looking for pay pigs tend to be married.

So my rule is this, instead of looking at the world from just a sugar baby perspective, look at it from a financial domination perspective. There are multiple angles on that journey that will provide financial wins that are often missed. Sure we’d all love a whale, but there’s a ton of negatives there  – one in which isn’t worth discussing in this post!

Financial Domination & PayPigs on the Rise
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Financial Domination & PayPigs on the Rise
Sugar baby dating is only part of the getting paid to date spectrum. Financial domination and pay pigs are growing at a rapid rate.
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Sugar Baby Network
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