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Financial domination, also known as FinDom, was derived from the first three letters of the parent name; a bondage, discipline, dominance, submission (BDSM) fetish where the submissive, often called a “cash pig” or “submissive” gets treated to erotic pleasure in exchange for relinquishing financial control to a dominatrix or a domme. Financial domination is the erotic fantasy in which the submissive (or money slaves) gives gifts and money to the dominant person, or the financial dominatrix. The attraction may involve being treated poorly, teased, and erotic spanking. FinDom is a specific kind of fetish in which a submissive or a cash pig derives an erotic thrill from relinquishing control of their finances to a financial domme or a dominatrix, which is where the practice derives its name. Activities that occur specifically within a FinDom relationship usually vary; it can be anything from paying a small tribute (you should know that ‘tribute’ in this sense transcends its literal meaning) to the domme weekly, to purchasing expensive goods for her from an online wishlist, signing a blackmail contract, giving the dominatrix total access to one’s debit/credit cards, and much more.

The FinDom community has been attracting quite a lot of media attention of late. As a result, this underground community continues to grow. It is more of an intrinsic relationship in which both parties are actively involved, although the connection is usually not physical. Rather, it is a form of connection that seems to transcend the physical realm. It is also possible that the two parties might never meet in person. What the submissive find arousing doesn’t flow with the popular notion of sexuality because financial domination isn’t really about sex. In fact, it’s not even really about money (which serves as the medium of exchange and a confirmation of the fact that a transaction has taken place). It’s more about a subversion of the traditional financial power dynamic that is inherent in the standard Western view of male-female relations. FinDom is about power and more importantly, it’s about control.

Now, the question is; Who controls who?

In reality, the submissive (who is the cash pig and is usually a male) doesn’t even get meet the dominatrix face-to-face.

It is a rare fetish orientation for some people, a particular BDSM fascination which involves giving money in service to a Mistress. People that are turned on by Financial Domination get excited by giving powerful women money (or gifts, as it were) for them to use at her discretion and freewill. It is a well known fact that most people associate money with power. Having said that, it is not surprising at all that most people who are into financial domination find the act of sending the money to be highly erotic. The act of giving money has become sexualized in (and of) itself. It is therefore not a benevolent act as it has become sexualized and a means to experience pleasure in an erotic way. It’s a kind of BDSM fetish that operates more on a mental and emotional level than a physical one, and which provides real service in the real world. It is a form of BDSM fetish that is also really attractive to some people that find themselves aroused by the power of money, and the power exchange that happens when you give your money to the dominatrix you want to please.

FinDom play can take many forms. Some submissives enjoy letting a dominant person take control of their wallets as a form of erotic stress relief. FinDom dominatrixes often offer personal budgeting plans and manage their submissive’s responsibilities through Google Calendar. For in-person experiences, a financial domme often dabbles in other fetish play like whipping, public humiliation, and genital torture. Those other fetishes are definitely associated with FinDom.

A domme was interviewed and the standard profile for a submissive or a cash pig client tends to be “white, male, middle-aged and solidly middle- to upper-class”. It is also very interesting to note that most submissive were men who were CEO’s and in positions of power during the day and who are in great positions of authority will be willing to lose that control. This shows that FinDom is also about an exchange of power. A domme can never have more control than that which a submissive is willing to grant them. It is the submissive’s needs that are to be fulfilled, not those of the dominatrix.

Relinquishing control in such a tangible way is erotic for the financial submissive; some purposely tell their deepest secrets to their domme for the express purpose of allowing her to blackmail them. However, most FinDoms require their pay pigs to sign a legal contract that explicitly states their desire to be actively blackmailed before said blackmail can actually occur. This is usually done in the case of the occurrence of a legal battle (although it’s unlikely to occur) so as to exonerate the dominatrix. It’s a common practice that serves to establish a firm contract.

However, it is possible for a bone of contention to come into play. In this case, dommes can become lazy and will end up profiting off of a fetish, although they will end up adamantly and consistently denying.

Regardless of that, it still remains work—one needs to have empathy and the ability to read his (or her) clients. If you just stop at ‘Put the money in my palm’ stage, then you’re most probably going to fail because there’s no reward in it for the guy. There’s a misconception that a dominatrix has the freedom to do whatever she wants to men. However, the truth is that you’re also fulfilling his needs and you’re doing what he wants. It’s kind of like a sales job. However, you should know that it is neither surprising nor unusual for a dominatrix to engage the use of foul and dirty language.

The arousal factor comes from the thought of the domme invading the personal space that your finances occupy. People measure their self worth with their money and as such, they utilize it as a method of psychological self harm. This is so true for them. Indeed, in our society, we are largely defined by how much money we have, and it’s often the marker that men use when comparing themselves to others. Financial domination scoops up this notion of human beings and weaponizes it as something kinky. There is also a paradigm that most submissives get into FinDom due to low self-esteem, and they are unable to deal with rejection, humiliation, loneliness, the fear of being unwanted and redundant in today’s rapid-paced society.

FinDom Keeps Trending Higher
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FinDom Keeps Trending Higher
The FinDom community has been attracting quite a lot of media attention of late. As a result, this underground community continues to grow.
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