Getting Paid to Date is a Major Trend

Just when you think the youth are clueless, they underpin a trend that should have been going on for generations. The whole concept of getting paid to get on a dates has a growing underground community. First there was the growth of sugar baby dating sites, where rich men would make arrangements with younger women. This has then evolved to affair sites where men in relationships will pay for discretion. While these men aren’t considered rich, they have disposable income that will be used on women. Now, what you have are women going on any dating sites looking to get paid to date. How is this not prostitution you ask? Simple, a date can be whatever you want it to be with whomever you want it to be. I mean, I know you can think of guys of all demographics that would pay anything to sit a Starbucks with a young attractive intelligent woman

The fascinating part to me is how on top of their game the women are. There’s a huge a sub community about women who are friends with other women looking for the same thing. If there’s a negative when it comes to dating is the competitive and sometimes catty nature of women. So when you see women coming together to help each other in getting paid to date, it’s actually a welcoming sign. One in which that shows coming together provides the support that many women do not have. After all, most women can not confide in family or friends that they are looking to get paid to date. The mainstream media and traditional families simply do not get it, and equate it to the old world way of thinking.

This trend will only continue. In a world where hooking up is as simple as a swipe, the next phase is to actually make money on this without giving on your morals and ethics. It brings financial domination to a whole new level, it’s why the media is starting to love the concept of sugar babies & tributes.

Getting Paid to Date is a Major Trend
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Getting Paid to Date is a Major Trend
An underground community of women looking to get paid to date is flourishing. Their growth is actually a good thing, all comes down to your perspective!
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Sugar Baby Network
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