Growing Trend: College Girls Dating Older Men

College Girls Dating Older Men

The graveyard shift was the only available slot at the logistics company and Kendra had no option but to take it if she was going to get through college and pay assorted bills. Scrapping by was the name of the game but her roomie, Vera had it all easy and was in fact, planning to move out to her own flat somewhere in town. Of course, Vera could afford to do the daily commute to campus and back because she was also getting a brand new Toyota Corolla. Some girls get all the luck right? Well, kind of….Actually, some college girls are taking the exhortation to make your own luck literally and hooking up in style to get the lifestyle of their dreams…while it lasts. The official name for this diamond-paved path for savvy college girls is ‘sugar relationship’. Simply put, it is a relationship where a college girl hooks up with an older man and meets his companionship needs in exchange for her own financial security needs being met. Win-win for both parties right? You bet and this trend is fast gaining traction. This growing trend of college girls dating older men is no where near the top.

College Girls Dating Older Men
College Girls Dating Older Men

The statistics supporting this trend are difficult to ignore especially with the leverage offered by the internet in propagating their offerings. In fact, the sugar culture ‘industry standard’, an increasingly popular online platform, has proudly boasted that sugar babies are to contemporary society what the geishas were to the Japanese and the courtesans to the French. Overwhelming statistics indicates that college girls constitute a vast majority of the sugar baby population, further highlighting that sugar culture sites target them specifically. In 2012, a top sugar daddy website released data showing that 168 Cambridge students signed up to use the site, making it the U.K. University with the highest population on the site. LSE and University of Kent followed closely with 163 and 160 users respectively. It would seem the U.K. universities are lagging behind their American counterparts as more than 154% increase in college students membership registered by the site in early 2013 is attributable mostly to Americans although Indians, Europeans, Australians and Southeast Asians are in the numbers. New York University, for example had almost 300 students signed up to use the site as at early 2013.

According to industry insiders, when one of the popular sugar daddy platforms was founded, the percentage of the users who were students was just 30%, a figure that rose to 50% in 2013. In Canada, there has been an increase in the sugar culture, with 183 students from Toronto’s Ryerson University signing up on the site in 2012 thus acquiring the title of Canada’s fastest growing sugar baby college. The Universities of Ottawa and Toronto follow up as second and third respectively with 179 and 156 of their students signed up on the site.

One question has been asked pretty often and maybe it seems one-sided since both parties bring something to the table but then, it is pertinent; “What do sugar daddies want?”. Good question and the answers may be short and brief. They would also seem to revolve around human need and its absence in their lives. Sugar daddies want attention, lots of it and are probably not getting enough presently. They also want something spontaneous with variety, differing from what he experiences each day. In other words, he want an escape from the drudgery of business and yes, making money even if it is by the tons. Of course, they do not want some silly and giddy girl who is tied to her mum’s apron strings. They want a sugar baby who is intelligent, wise in the ways of the world and at least, a bit cultured. You can see when college girls dating older men for more than their wisdom is continuing to climb in popularity.

According to informed sources, the money sugar babies get from their sugar daddies goes for college tuition, although he admits that it could as well go for rent, traveling, shopping or buying gifts. The fact is, many sugar babies get to enjoy a standard and quality of life to which they were hitherto unaccustomed. They get to travel to exotic destinations, shop at the best malls in fashion capitals and just splurge. Typically, the sugar babies state the amount they have in mind as monthly allowance while signing up while sugar daddies have the option of stating their approximate material worth bracket in order to make them more attractive. According to reports, the average amount received by sugar babies in terms of allowances and gifts is about $3,000. Of course, there are variations from one geographical location to another with sugar babies in expensive cities like New York averaging $4,000.

As this trend spreads, there are new sugar relationship services springing up to tap into the growing market and apparently, college girls cannot get enough of it.

Growing Trend: College Girls Dating Older Men
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Growing Trend: College Girls Dating Older Men
The question use to be “What do sugar daddies want?” Now it's what do sugar babies want. The tide has shifted and arrangements are flourishing more than ever.
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