How Money Mistresses Rule Financial Domination

Money Mistress

Another form of distraction for individuals who struggle with daily life in our self-obsessed modern society is Findom. Financial domination is one of the most glamorous sexual fetishes in the today’s world. The relationship between a financial domination money mistress and a submissive individual occurs in a strict dynamic way, and the money slave won’t have the freedom to ask for reciprocation. The mistress acts according to the needs of the slave by ensuring that the slave’s thirst is quenched while maintaining a profitable relationship.

For example, a slave may want his mistress to command him not masturbate or have sex with his wife. He will then make his mistress understand what he wants to be denied of as he lures her into this role play. Then, he sends her a financial tribute and then begs the mistress to be allowed to masturbate and satisfy himself. The rest of the conversation will be based on the idea that he has a restriction placed on him masturbating and this loss of control is quite arousing to him.  If he wants to be humiliated further, he may ask the mistress to call his wife to inform her how pathetic he is leading into a blackmail type of fetish, then he starts begging the mistress not to do so. Also, he may willingly divulge all his personal information to mistress along with pictures of him in compromising situations. The mistress will then instruct him to pay a tribute, in order to avoid this information from being leaked. As odd as this sounds, he may also have to pay another fee after an expiry date to buy the silence of the mistress.

The mistress has to consider how far she can go in pushing the money slave to make sure he pays. Every money slave has limits. When the mistress understands each slave and how far they can be pushed, then the relationship transaction between them will run smoothly. For instance, there are some slaves who will want the mistress to treat them with great hostility and like to be yelled at. While some slaves prefer to be seduced but at the same time knowing they are inferior.

A Findom money mistress usually prefer having long term slaves. They start slowly with the slave in order not to scare him off. They determine a slave’s worth slowly by seducing him slowly. They feel him out in order to know what financial bracket he is in. she may ask the slave his occupation. If he is a business owner, he will be asked the number of employees he has in other to determine how well his business is doing. Or the mistress may just ask blatantly his net worth. The mistress has to be careful on how she approaches him because she could end up scaring the slave enough to make him move another direction. It’s advisable to speak with him a couple of times beforehand. How successful financial domination goes is dependent on the mistress understanding all her slaves individually.

The fascinating part about these findom relationships are the players involved. Did you know that a typical money slave is actually white, successful, and married? That combo lends itself to allow cheating sites like Ashley Madison to prosper. You’d be surprised at the type of money slaves you can find there.

How Money Mistresses Rule Financial Domination
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How Money Mistresses Rule Financial Domination
The relationship between a financial domination money mistress and a submissive individual occurs in a strict dynamic way. If done correctly, it's mind blowing.
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