How to Create a Sugar Baby Profile

Tips on how to create a sugar baby profile

Believe it or not, creating a sugar baby profile isn’t as easy as you think. First off, there are more sugar babies than sugar daddies on the good sugar baby sites. Even established affair site No Strings¬†shows search results with more sugar babies than sugar daddies. As a result, a sugar baby profile isn’t as simple as it use to be. While pictures of sugar babies is a very key component, that simply isn’t enough anymore.

Tips on How to Create a Sugar Baby Profile

  1. Several types of pics – let’s face it, guys will look at pictures before they read a word of anything. While something is better than nothing, in order to really stand out, you need several types of pictures. Casual, formal, done up, dressed down, neck up, full body. You need to show various angles in different avenues. By doing so , you open to getting attention from all sorts of sugar daddies
  2. The text of your sugar baby profile matters – while pics beats out text, many of these sugar daddies can get sugar babies very easily. While beauty is crucial, the way your content is written tells a lot about your personality. Many sugar daddies can be very quickly turned off by an ill written sugar baby profile.
  3. State what you’re looking for – Perhaps you have zero interest in men over 50, regardless of wealth. It is more than ok to write that. While you might think it’s a negative, a sugar daddy who is say 40 will appreciate your “standards” and will levitate your value in his eyes.
  4. Don’t Be all About the Money – if you come across as demanding to be spoiled, getting an allowances, and asking for high figures to have a phone call, you are coming across more “professional” than an actual sugar baby.
  5. Profile & Messaging Go Hand & Hand – Just because your profile is well written, doesn’t mean your emails should be the exact opposite. I’ve seen many sugar babies spend a great deal of time in their sugar baby profile, but then go out and write 4 word responses to emails. While you will deal with many salt daddies along the way, you don’t want to have that same attitude with a legit sugar daddy that you turned away due to your lack of response.

How to Create a Sugar Baby Profile
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How to Create a Sugar Baby Profile
Creating a sugar baby profile today is more than just putting up a bunch of cute pics. With an abundance of sugar babies verses a limited supply of sugar daddies, you truly need to stand out now more than ever. Here are some tips in creating a sugar baby profile.
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