How to Negotiate with Sugar Babies

How to negotiate with sugar babies

Sugar babies have been talked about more frequently in the media as of late. Like everything reported by mainstream media, most have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. They get fed a press release from a site, whose sole purpose is to promote their brand. Since the news station is looking for any, and I mean any story, that can draw in viewers or clicks, they’ll essentially run an ad for a company in news format. Quite sad actually, but its the present world we live. Ok, back on topic.

How to negotiate with sugar babies
How to negotiate with sugar babies

The infatuation with sugar babies is no surprise. You take younger women, combine them with older more successful men, its a perfect setup for a salacious story. Sugar babies in the meantime, have simply gotten greedy. With the greed comes this hustle that has left this sour taste in most sugar daddies mouth. The moment a sugar baby is requesting things like an escort but at a higher right, you are simply killing the goal of a mutually beneficial arrangement. So the question remains, how to negotiate with sugar babies, in a way where both sides get what they want?

Now, if you’re a guy who is dealing with a new sugar baby, you should take note to what she’s really after. For instance, if you get the sense she’s a professional sugar baby, one that truly makes her living off of this, then simply walk away. But, if you’re having a boring day and want to play a game, here’s what you do. While a sugar baby thinks she’s hustling you, take the upper hand and actually hustle her. How you say? Remember that simple rule in high school if you wanted a girl to like you is to treat her like your not interested? It kinda holds true in the adult version. The largest difference is this wealth / success factor.

The moment you’ve established she’s a pro, flip the script. Talk about the multiple sugar babies you have scattered throughout the world. Mention how it took you some years to build this out. Now that you’re even more wealthier and successful, you’re not looking for that any more. You prefer to have 2 sugar babies for the two cities you spend most your time in. When a pro is out matched one of two things will happen. She will continue to hustle, at which point, the game takes a turn to ugly town as she’ll start getting demanding. Always draw back to your successful experiences, but more importantly, the negative ones. Mention how your provided X or did Y, and it was just not worth your time. Meanwhile in her eyes, she would do that in a minute.┬áSecondly, she might actually drop her guard and not come across as a be otch. I’ve found these setups to be the best for everyone.

So remember, with it comes to negotiating with sugar babies, you need to understand where she’s coming from. Only they can you determine if she’s a fit for what you’re looking for. Remember, she wouldn’t be sitting with you at the table if she didn’t have a peak amount of interest. It’s your job to see if something outside of her beauty peaks yours.

How to Negotiate with Sugar Babies
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How to Negotiate with Sugar Babies
There are tons of professional sugar babies out there. There are two main tricks that I use every time when it comes to these sorts of women.
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