Is the POT Full of Salt?

POT or Salt?

There seems to be a new sugar daddy site popping up every couple hours now. Between new sugar baby sites and sugar daddy apps, its how to keep track which ones are the real deal. What I can tell you from my experience is this: most sugar daddy sites are full of salt. Don’t get me wrong, even the good ones have salt on them – but the newer / BS ones, simply run away from. That said, sometimes you do find a very successful man on a sugar daddy site that you never heard of.  At the end of the day, anyone is a POT. Its our job as sugar babies to cut through the salt immediately so we’re not wasting our time.

The best advice I have here is to cross reference their profiles with other social media sites. I’m a huge fan of seeing if they’re legit on LinkedIn. You can tell a lot of a man through their education and work history. You won’t know if he’s cheap, but you at least know he has the means. If he has the means, its our job as sugar babies to loosen his belt a bit 😉

Another area to look at is communicating with other sugar sisters.  You’d be surprised how much valuable intel you can get on a POT from another sugar sister. Any tidbit helps, but remember to go with your gut. If you’re unsure but you still want to meet him, do it in a super public place. Starbuck, no alcohol, etc. Remember that if the POT is the real deal, you can move on from Starbucks to the next spot. It’s all about communication and doing what you feel comfortable with. Not all arrangements are meant to be with the super wealthy, you can still get a huge amount of upset by making an arrangement that suits your lifestyle, regardless of his age or his degree of success / wealth.

Is the POT Full of Salt?
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Is the POT Full of Salt?
When it comes to finding the right sugar daddy, we need to weed out a ton of salt. Do so wisely and the upside is really worth it.
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