Jacksonville Sugar Babies Intrigue

Personally, I’m not a fan of Jacksonville. Whenever I have to travel to Florida for business, or pleasure, Jacksonville is nowhere near the top of my list. With such a large state as Florida, how can it be. When I started getting to know the lay of the land, started meeting the people there, I started noticing a vibe this quite different than the rest of the Sunshine State. It lead to this intrigue about Jacksonville sugar babies.

Jacksonville Sugar Babies

For those of you that follow this blog, you know I love meeting sugar babies from all over. So its no surprise that I started gathering my next conquest. The #1 thing that stuck out to me with these girls is how little of a hustle they have in them. To me, I personally love that. When your in a place like Jacksonville, you never once your getting the sense your getting hustled anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, Jacksonville definitely isn’t the nicest are of Florida. The people however, I must say surprised me.

Sugar Babies in Jacksonville

When I finally was able to go from online at Ashley Madison┬áto offline, I brought her to a coffee shop (my fav if alcohol isn’t involved). I definitely wasn’t the only one as I noticed several sugar babies in Jacksonville there. What I learned was quite intriguing. These sugar babies aren’t looking for much, seriously aren’t. A little of this and a little of that got me one hell of an arrangement

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