Married Sugar Babies on a Growth Tear

When one thinks of a sugar baby, the last thing that comes to mind is a married woman. You hear everything in the news about college girls looking for sugar babies, but there’s a huge underlying trend growing in the sugar world: married women.

If you look through evolution, men always had affairs. With the growth of cheating websites, more and more women are accessing married men looking for affairs. Fast forward to present day, married women aren’t just looking for a typical affair. These women want to be spoiled and pampered, in ways that they do not receive in their marriage.

As a result, the new wave of affairs are occurring on discreet sites like Ashley Madison. In short, you have these successful men (most single, some married) with these women are a different breed of sugar babies. They are essentially looking for the financial benefits of being with established men, taking having an affair to a whole new level.

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