Money Slaves- Financial Domination Fetish

Money Slaves Fetish

Financial domination is a unique sexual activity originating from the addiction to financial slavery.  It is a sexual fetish with one of the most glamorous images. Beautiful women are sent money and lavished with expensive gifts by men who want nothing in return. Many pro-dommes found this as a means of expanding paid fetish services, they can also use this means to exploit clients who shared her fetish. Some submissives get sexually excited by giving money to a dominant woman. The dominatrix may also be stimulated from being financially adored. How does this all pertain to the sugar baby world, access to money & power.

Financial domination or findom is a form of fetish where mental control , shift in power, and money exchanges occur.. Findommes request money from their male clients, known as pay pigs or money slaves, in exchange for the domme’s attention. It is also known as money slavery, is a form of BDSM in which a dominant oversees or controls the finances of their submissive. Its gives an erotic feeling to the submissive, nevertheless, it’s done in many forms.

Most findom relationships take place majorly via online communication. But sometimes the dominatrix will allow the pay pig to go with her on shopping trips as long as he’s paying for everything. Surprisingly enough, many of these men / paypigs are married. You’ll start seeing an uptick in this type of findom relationship on the popular discreet affair site Ashley Madison. Some financial domination first-rate controlled usual transfer of money while some men hand over total control of their financial dealings to a domme. One can make a lot of money by just humiliating a man through online pay pigs and most times you will never have to meet with them. It may seem like an easy way of making money. It’s takes serious hard work to find and maintain an online pay pig. However, if you’re good at it, it is financially rewarding while the submissive pleasure in the mental and power control.

When the domme assaults the personal space of her client such as having full control of the submissive finances, the arousal factor comes into play. People feel their self-worth and wealth is relatable and so uses it as a way of psychological self harm.

Today, we are largely defined by our money, and it is mostly what men use to match themselves to others. Most submissives get into findom because of minimal self-confidence, they are unable to deal with repudiation, humiliation, isolation, and fear of being unwanted and redundant in today’s fast growing society. Some men find it difficult to associate with women hence the reason they get into findom. We can also conclude that financial domination is basically a way out for people who struggle with everyday life in this unusual egoistic modern society.

While this represents a percentage of men seeking these relationships, it’s not the full picture. The average man is middle to upper class, white, educated, and successful. Most men find their dominatrix via websites where young women publicize their services .

Most dommes are young women enticed by the assumption of easy money without noting the dangers. In recent years, findom has progressively been viewed as a way to empower women and control weak men. However, a domme is used as a tool to satisfy submissive needs. A typical findom camera session might involve games where private information or photographs are handed to the domme after payment to keep the sensitive information safe is made.

How to Get Started in Financial Dominatrix

Research and networking are the crucial parts here. Findom is scenery where men lavish women with cash and gifts for kicks. Unlike adult stars, financial dominatrix often goes into intimate, physical relationships with submissives. With a growing number of people using mobile payment options like Google Wallet, indulging in the findom way of life is easy. Yet, the majority of findom relationships only occur online and never turn into a real life encounter. While there’s a ton more money in real life, there’s a large safety net by sticking to an online only situation. Ultimately, it all comes down to your level of comfort.

To get started, reach out to other women in the financial domination world. You could even speak to other sugar sisters about it. You’d be surprised how many have dabbled or are very interesting in dabbling in the space. It takes work, skill and experience to be good at financial domination. One of the key steps is to learn and have genuine interest in BDSM.

There are no definite or proven reasons why some men crave this sort of relationship. For some it may be that the simplicity of being broke is preferable to the baggage that comes along with excess money. For other submissives who are in positions of authority and power at workplace, for them it is a way of been completely free by relinquishing control to the dom and others like being controlled and humiliated. Whatever the reason, it is nowhere near the ready-made reasons the media would have you believe.

The effect on personal relationships personal relationships tend to fall apart when a loved one’s fondness for findom is exposed. Despite this, findom is becoming more and more conventional and dommes are going to more and more exotic lengths to compete with other women and attract the attention of submissive men.

Money Slaves- Financial Domination Fetish
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Money Slaves- Financial Domination Fetish
When it comes to financial domination, the fetish is getting very popular. Everything from pay pigs, money slaves, and dommes are engaging in these encounters.
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