My Experiences with Sugar Babies in the US and Canada

I kept this blog running as a hobby. I have some much information in my little brain that I should dedicate some more time sharing this wealth of knowledge. So I decided to take this blog in a slightly different approach. I’m not much of an international traveler, but am constantly traveling throughout the US and Canada (can’t consider Canada international – geesh!). I’m going to dedicate the rest of this year in writing articles that compare sugar babies in each city.

For instance, there’s a sugar difference between Boston sugar babies and New York City sugar babies. No, I don’t mean their accents either! Same goes when you’re in the same state as California. Sugar babies in Los Angeles are completely different than sugar babies in San Francisco. If you’re able to take these subtle differences, you’ll be able to exploit these women in ways like never before.

Stay tuned for what’s next on the sugar baby trail across America!

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My Experiences with Sugar Babies in the US and Canada
I love sugar babies, I swear at times it's a major hobby of mine. Truth is, I have so much experience with this that I just need to share it. Care to learn?
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Sugar Baby Network
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