Pay Pigs Findom Domme – WTF?

When it comes to financial domination, it can get quite confusing and complex, at least to the beginner. First, let’s look at some definitions:

Findom – stands for financial domination. In it’s loosest forms, any sort of encounter or relationship where one financially dominates the other. Sugar babies are practicing this in one way shape or form

Domme – Is a non professional female dominate. A case where a woman dominates a man in a financial and/or physical state

Submissive – The other end of the domme. The man is submissive to his domme

Pay Pig – a man who has consented to financial servitude towards his domme

So know that you have all these terms, what does it all mean. What the advantage for a sugar baby to be a domme to a pay pig? I mean, how much money can you really make? Well, that’s where things get very interesting. Just because a man is a pay pig, does not mean he’s poor. Many executives and powerful men who are always in control become a pay pig to experience life on the side. A really good domme can make an insane amount of money from their pay pigs. Mainstream media continues to cover the topic, for instance, take a look at the show Billions on Showtime and you’ll see that I mean.

Another form of findom involves a findom relationship which only occurs online. Think about that. You can make some crazy money by having these online pay pigs that you’ll never have to meet. While the money can be good and easy, it’s actually hard work to find and maintain an online pay pig. But if you’re good, the rewards both financially and mentally can be amazing. I’ve met some women who does this for joy of the mental control factor or being able to humiliate a man. The money to some is secondary. Some sugar babies will have their sugar daddy arrangements, but will also have these online pay pigs for the mental /power enjoyment that comes from such control.

Pay Pigs Findom Domme - WTF?
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Pay Pigs Findom Domme - WTF?
The world of pay pigs, findom and dommes can be complicated to those new to the sugar bowl. The upside here however is tremendous!
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Sugar Baby Network
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