Sugar Babies Turning into Trophy Wives?

Trophy wives and sugar babies

The term sugar baby and trophy wife has been around forever. The fascinating part to me is that the term trophy wife has a positive connotation to it, while sugar babies to the mainstream media is negative. A sugar baby in the media’s eye is close to being a prostitute, while a trophy wife is not. To me, this is simply a matter of perception. An attractive woman could be a sugar baby and a trophy wife. So that means if you’re married it’s ok, but if you’re single being a sugar baby, it is not? That’s just wrong, but then again, us sugar babies are aware of the misconceptions.

If you ever see a trophy wife, most of the times they do not work and have ambition for a career. I’m not saying there’s nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom, but to have zero ambition ever for a career, is just wrong. Take a look at the first trophy wife that comes to mind. Now, compare that to a sugar baby that you look up to. A sugar baby is ambitious, a go-getter, and constantly  trying to better their lives. Now look at a trophy wife, where’s the ambition? Where’s the goals? I’ll tell you, as you already know, it’s nowhere to be found!

Whether you’re a sugar baby in San Diego or a Boston sugar baby, these girls are ambitious and full of goals. Now look at a trophy wife in Chicago or a Dallas trophy wife, it’s the complete opposite. It’s kinda like these women lost all aspect of hunger. They reached the top of their mental mountain and have no ambition to achieve anything. That’s an utter waste. It actually upsets me that sugar babies are looked down upon, while these trophy wives are not. Ambition and goals outweigh sitting on top of the mental perceived mountain any day of the week in my eyes.

Rant complete.

Sugar Babies Turning into Trophy Wives?
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Sugar Babies Turning into Trophy Wives?
The media looks up to trophy wives but looks down to sugar babies. That's simply wrong. Sugar babies are full of ambition and goals, while trophy wives are not!
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