Sugar Baby Arrangements – Short or Long Term?

Sugar baby arrangements

When it comes to solidifying an arrangement, it comes down to a multitude of factors. One of the most important areas however is your state of mind. You always hear the term about having an open mind & being flexible. Thing is, that is not for everyone. Sure, this line of thinking opens you up for all types of sugar baby arrangements, but not necessarily the types your after. Some sugar babies love arrangements with pay pigs, while others are truly looking for wealthy men. The women that are truly open , will take both on and earn the rewards. I’m not saying one is better than the other, it’s just critical that you know where your limits are.

Sugar Baby Arrangements – Long or Short Term

When it comes to having a long or short term arrangement, it still comes down to state of mind. If you’re ok with either, that simple economics will show you that short terms arrangements must have a higher short term reward. A long term arrangement has value, many of which is untapped, that can provide you benefits in the near & long term. I’ve always been a fan of long term arrangements, but it must be with the right sugar daddy. Some guy making 30k/year isn’t going to have the upside of a long term arrangement that a executive making 500k/year does. A 500k/year lifestyle is different than a 30k/year lifestyle to say the lease. Now, that doesn’t make one man better than another. It’s just, if the goal is the upgrade your lifestyle, don’t fall for the 30k/year man and “hope” he gets better with age – this is BF or husband talk. If you’re looking for an arrangement, long or short, you need to be looking with a very sharp eye.

Short Term Arrangements for Sugar Babies

Short term arrangements can be as simple as a weekend rendezvous, an amazing night out, or a once a month encounter for the summer. I’ve found this to be relevant at two points in my life. First, pure boredom. Sometimes things are just blah and you need something to excite you. A short term arrangement fills that void nicely. The second one, is simply trying to see which man peaks your interest the best. By seeing which one you’d prefer to align yourself with, you can try and turn that short term arrangement into a long one, if possible.

Long Term Arrangements for Sugar Babies

Long term arrangements has always been my favorite. ¬†When you take a look at a successful man’s network, the network alone can open you up to things you could never imagine – even if you’re existing arrangement no longer works out. It all comes down to access. You know have access to people, places, and things that you never did before. Taking that access wrapped into an arrangement is truly a win-win. Just remember, that you need to keep your eyes & ears open – do not assume anything!

Sugar Baby Arrangements - Short or Long Term?
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Sugar Baby Arrangements - Short or Long Term?
Finding the right arrangement for you has tremendous upside, just be sure to look for the right things!
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