The Low Down on New York City Sugar Babies – All 5 Boros

5 Boros of NY
NYC Sugar Babies
NYC Sugar Babies

When it comes to New York City sugar babies, by far, the most diverse amount of sugar babies on the planet. You have so many different walks of life that the types of available sugar babies in NYC is insane. Everything from starving artists, to women with masters degrees, sugar babies on Wall Street, all the way to section 8 housing. Throw in people who can’t afford Manhattan, and decide to live in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and good old Staten Island, you seriously have a mix unlike no other. Let’s break down each boro to see which offers what:

New York City Sugar Babies
Without question, the most amount of sugar babies per square inch than everywhere. The key is finding out what type of sugar baby she is. Artist, college girl, white collar, bartender.. this will determine the angle you need to approach them. Landing a sugar baby in NYC can be tough as there are a multitude of options. The key upside is this: at the end of the day it’s a numbers go. You will never ever get the amount of numbers to play around with than New York City.

Brooklyn Sugar Babies
Sugar babies in Brooklyn are very close in demenor to New York City. These women tend to have slightly the lower income than NYC, but not by much. These Brooklyn sugar babies tend to not be truly into city life, but want to be a short train ride away to experience all the Big Apple has to offer. To appeal to these women, I found the trick to be night life. They tend to make just enough money to get by, but not enough to truly explore New York City like the typical sugar baby would. You can woo them easily by splurging on night life

5 Boros of NY
5 Boros of NY

Queens Sugar Babies:
You tend to find a multitude of nationalities when it comes to sugar babies in Queens. Because of this, you really need to understand the culture of the women. I’ve always found this to be one of the toughest markets if you’re looking for a sugar baby. Now, if you’re looking for a black sugar baby, Queens sugar babies is a complete home run. I went through a phase, just not for me. If it is for you, seriously spend all your time and searches here.

Bronx Sugar Babies
A significant amount of strong willed Latinas are sugar babies in the Bronx. With this strong will, you can’t just be some successful guy. You need to be equally confident and a bit of an ass actually. If you’re able to surpass her mental strength, she will melt for you. Not every man can handle sugar babies in the Bronx, but if you have the true mental energy and persona, quite the adventure awaits.

Staten Island Sugar Babies
Complete waste of time here guys. Staten Island sugar babies are a bunch of teases. They talk a big game, expect lavish things, but have no inclination to ever deliver. I can normally find a positive with every market I’ve been in for sugar babies, but Staten Island by far is not one of them!

The Low Down on New York City Sugar Babies - All 5 Boros
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The Low Down on New York City Sugar Babies - All 5 Boros
There's a significant difference of the types of sugar babies in New York City. Here are my experiences one boro at a time!
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