Transgenders are Turning into Sugar Babies

Transgender Sugar Babies

The terms transgenders, trannies, TS have been gaining in popularity of the years.  The last few years in particular, you are seeing a huge increase of transgenders on dating sites. The part that I’ve noticed, that is mind boggling, is how incredibly gorgeous some of these transgenders are. I mean, you have to stare for a while to know, and even then it’s hard. I mean, many of these men get implants. With the right makeup, hair, from the waist up, some are stunning. Once they’re in a dress, wearing the heels, I mean they would turn heads of men and women. Many of which, would never know they are TS. So how does this mean anything in the sugar bowl. I mean, are transgenders sugar babies too? Believe it or not, you are seeing them.

The evolution if transgenders is happening, and many of these women are looking at sugar baby sites. The arrangements these women are looking for are being matched by sugar daddies at a growing rate.

First let me back this up a little bit. A transgender identifies themselves as a woman. In his eye , he is a woman. So, I will speak of TS as women. These women will have the anatomy of a man, but everything else is all woman. Still don’t believe me. Go to your favorite tube site and type in hot TS, or hot transgender. After you do that, come back and you’ll have a different perspective. Now, why does this matter in the sugar baby world? Does a sugar daddy really want a transgender when he can have a sugar baby? Remember, a transgender identifies herself as a woman. As a result, she is a sugar baby as well. A TS is looking for a mutually beneficial arrangement just like every other sugar baby out there. These transgenders are looking for the finer things in life, mentors, attention, being pampered. It’s the same thing.

From a sugar daddy’s perspective, you are 100% seeing more intrigue from the men. Doesn’t mean they want date a TS or be with a transgender, but you’re seeing them being more curious. With curiosity, comes this notion of ” I shouldn’t being doing this but I gotta try it once.” That forbidden fruit mentality comes in and then, well, anything can happen. A sugar baby should become sugar sisters with a transgender. Many in the TS community are incredibly warm, thoughtful, and loving women. You’ll see first hand why some transgenders are better sugar sisters than an ordinary sugar baby? Why, simple actually. A transgender does not consider you a threat. Whereas your original notion of sugar baby or sugar sister in a way does. You eliminate this component, and what you’re left with is a true sugar sister.

While most guys do not want to date a transgender, they do want to see what it’s all about. What it would be like to have an arrangement with a TS.  What it would be like to be with a TS. The curiosity is bubbling and most transgenders, do not play the games that sugar babies play. So a transgender sugar baby cuts the the BS and allows an arrangement to form. Let that settle in a bit and you’ll start seeing that a TS is just the rest of the sugar bowl. So whatever you do, don’t be one of those sugar babies that look down on the TS community. Transgenders have a place in the sugar bowl just like we do.

Another thing to take notice are this TS dating sites. If you notice, they really aren’t dating sites. Really all these transgender dating sites are , is a transgender hookup site. Doesn’t this sound how online dating started 15-20 years ago? Everyone tries to sell the notion of a hookup site masked as a dating site. Then a dating site grows, then niche dating such as arrangement sites grow. The TS world is showing us that these women don’t want to be on some hookup site. What these transgenders really want is to have an arrangement with a successful man that can provide for her. Again, doesn’t this sound all very similar.

If you take a world wide approach, the transgender community is growing exponentially. Take a look at the Philippines. In that country, there are transgender beauty pageants constantly. Same goes for Thailand. If you look at these countries, you’ll see what can and will happen in North America and Europe. For now, the media is slowly starting to take about transgenders. If you follow my blog long enough, you know my distaste for the media. So it’s no surprise that they aren’t talking about arrangements with transgenders. After all, they barely even understand a sugar daddy sugar baby relationship!


Transgenders are Turning into Sugar Babies
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Transgenders are Turning into Sugar Babies
The evolution if transgenders is happening, and many of these women are looking at sugar baby sites. The arrangements these women are looking for are being matched by sugar daddies at a growing rate.
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