Why Sugar Babies Love Findom

Sugar Babies & Findom are Redefined

At first, the concept of a sugar baby was a gold digger looking to married an elderly man for this money. Then the translation progressed to a younger women in a relationship with an older man for his money. A few years ago, it as transitioned to the concept of a mutually beneficial arrangement. Essentially, this is where any man and women enter into a relationship based on a set of mutual agreements. Sounds simple and vague enough right? Well, here’s the thing. There’s been this growing area of society when it comes to financial domination. To the ill informed, it’s for a very “weird” set of people out there into findom. Fast forward to the present with the growth of 50 Shades of Grey, shows like Billions, and sugar & affair sites like NoStrings.com have transformed findom into a redefining version of a sugar baby. Sure, there are your typical SB/SD arrangements, but findom has entered the ring in a very growing way.

Sugar Babies Love Findom

What’s with all this redefining of the term sugar baby? Think how far the dating landscape has come in 20 years. 20 years ago, online dating started with just one or two sites. Back then, you would never dare tell anyone you know that you were on these taboo “dating sites”.  Now, everyone is either on it, was on it, or knows someone on it.

Take that same principle and apply it to Tinder. 20 years ago, you wouldn’t tell someone you’re on a dating site, let alone a hookup site. Tinder essentially stole the show when it comes to hookup apps, that is until recently when the app has started having issues of their own in the marketplace.

So what is about it sugar babies that needs to be redefined in the findom sense? In short, the transition of dating. Online dating, broader yet, the ability to meet the people has shift dramatically. It should come as no surprise that sugar babies keeps being redefined. With the chances, you’re seeing that sugar babies can enter into financial domination without ever crossing that line. While no sugar baby should be crossing a line, in the traditional sense, many do to enhance the mutually beneficial arrangement. When it comes to findom, that rarely ever occurs as the female is the true dominant in the findom world

Why Sugar Babies Love Findom
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Why Sugar Babies Love Findom
The term sugar babies has been redefined, just as meeting people in general has been redefined in the past 20 years. Sugar babies and findom are more popular than ever and is on a growth curve not seen in over a decade.
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